Yesterday She Cried

Written By Akemi

She let her tears run away with her imagination, picking up her old problems on their way to a final snot drenched resting place.

See, these tears that pour out fast, the ones you can’t blink back aren’t the kind you run away from. They’re the kind you look forward to after an extremely long day, or a long explanation that doesn’t take the sting away from the breaking feeling in your chest.

It’s relief. It’s the river you row that empties out at peace. You cry, you writhe, you heave, you sweat & spit… spill over your perfectly manicured edges… let yourself be… messy.

Then, once you’ve fallen apart at the seams & you’re in a puddle on the living room floor, something happens. You look around, up at the ceiling, down at yourself &… things don’t seem so bad.

Yesterday, she cried that cry. Today she’s back to conquering the world.

Akemi can be found on Twitter @_blackdaria and Instagram @rundmcee 

Transformation and Death: Scorpio

In the tarot, the Death card represents endings, but it also refers to transformation as well. With the death of something (not necessarily an actual death) comes change. Transformation begins when a piece of ourselves die. It’s not necessarily a negative process. It can be challenging at times, but growing is never easy, especially when we fight it.

Fall is here in New England, and the leaves have changed from various shades of green to a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. Transformation has taken place. So how fitting that the Death card is represented by the astrological sign, Scorpio, which is October 23-November 21.

We are quickly approaching the end of the year, and Scorpio asks us “What don’t you like about yourself? What parts of your life are creating unhappiness? What needs to change before the new year?” Change is the keyword. Scorpio is notorious for change, whether you want it to happen or not. Sometimes Scorpio doesn’t give you a choice. This is why you’ll see break-ups around this time of year: People are shedding the parts of their lives that are no longer working.

Earlier in the year, I received the Death card in a tarot reading. The intuitive excitedly exclaimed “This is where you turn into a Fairy Princess!” At the time, I was simmering in my own misery, heartbroken, and missing the soul mate that I was separated from. She told me that this was a major transformation for me. And it was, but at the time I couldn’t see it. She said “It will make sense to you someday, and you will completely understand why it happened to you.”

As I transformed, my eyes opened more and more, and with each passing day, I began to realize the purpose of the change within myself. For six months, I had been in a cocoon, healing myself, slowly metamorphosing into a strong, balanced woman, a QUEEN. Transformation is about becoming something you’ve always dreamed you could be. From caterpillars to butterflies.

Cover image via My Modern Met