Dealing with Soul Connections

I know many of you are dealing with soul connections/Twin Flames and struggling right now. I know you are hurting deeply and feel lost and confused. It’s time to unburden yourself with the constant worry and anxiety. It’s time to release your fears of what should happen and could happen and what will happen. It’s time to let go and be free.

I want you to understand how energy works in these connections. When you are heartbroken, sad, choosing to walk your path in fear instead of love, the energy stagnates. Everything will feel stuck. You won’t feel like you’re moving ahead. You will stop manifesting. It will feel like you’re in a boat stuck in molasses, unable to sail through.

It is crucial that you develop a spiritual practice for yourself. You need to carve out time every day for meditation, writing thoughts of gratitude or even things you wish to manifest in a journal, and yoga (if this feels right to you.) You need to create a sacred space in your home where you can go, close your eyes, ground yourself, slowly and naturally breathe in and out, and just be in the now.

Give yourself 20 minutes a day to just be silent. You don’t have to think about your twin flame. You don’t have to think about anything. Just be. Surrender to the moment.

Allow yourself this quiet time. Light candles and/or burn incense. Listen to light music like Tibetan healing bowls or blissful harmonies with nature sounds. One of my personal favorites is “solfeggio tones.” This is calming music that heals and repairs the mind.

Retreat into this space, preferably in the morning, and block out everything from the outside world for these 20 minutes. This is your special ritual to connect to the Divine.  And it’s yours, so you can make it anything you would like.

If you want to pull tarot cards or oracle cards to meditate on, or use healing crystals, do that. If you wish to read an excerpt from a spiritual book, do that as well. Let your heart guide you.  This is the gift that you are giving yourself. You are treating yourself with peace and being gentle with your mind, body, and spirit.

Set an intention every time you engage in this ritual. For example, you could say “Today’s intention is to manifest abundance.” or “Today’s intention is to open my heart.”  You could also use these moments to repeat an affirmation several times such as “I love myself. And I am free from the chains that bind me to unhappiness.”

As you engage in this ritual every day, you will feel more balanced and grounded. You will start to feel at peace and less anxious. Life will feel easier. Dreams will become clearer. Your intuition will be sharper. The messages from Spirit will come to you. Ask your “Spirit Guides of Love, Light, and Wisdom” and angels to guide you on the right path and to give you signs of encouragement. Most importantly, ask them for healing. Trust that they will pull you in the direction you need to go to find the healing that is best for you. Healing is truly the key to all of this.

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How to Cleanse Your Spiritual Energy of Negative Entities


Written By Tresmoongoddess

About a month ago I received a message from the Spirit about spiritual attacks and protection. That on that evening there were to be no open glasses of water left at my bedside because they are open portals to allow entities into your home and into your dreams. I followed the guidance given to me and not only poured out my glass of water that I normally keep on my nightstand, but I informed my followers that they should do the same. That was the first warning that I had received that there is some sort of spiritual warfare going on in other dimensions.

Recently however, friends, clients, and family members have said that they have been the recipient of some type of spiritual attack.  This set off red flags to me that indicated that the message I had received a month ago was not an isolated incident, and that the spiritually vulnerable (empaths, mystics, mediums, etc) need to arm themselves with tools to combat these attacks.

What are spiritual attacks?

Spiritual attacks can be several different things. It’s not just being possessed by someone else’s spirit or a demon, which is often portrayed in movies. Yes, possession can be a form of spiritual attack. Especially if you did not invite or welcome that spirit or entity into your body. But there are several other types of ways that one can be spiritually attacked.

Here are the top 5 ways that someone can be attacked spiritually Please note that this is not a definitive list.

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is a person or entity that drains you of your energy. Simply being around them causes you to feel sluggish, tired, or agitated. They are constantly asking you to give of yourself, but they aren’t reciprocating. This is more than just an annoying family member or friend who is constantly asking for things and getting on your nerves. This is an actual drainage of your life force.

Energy vampires are often parasitic, low vibrational beings. They do not have energy strong enough to carry out their intentions, so they go around taking energy from others who are usually higher vibrational beings. Most energy vampires get addicted to the high of higher vibrating energy, and they become serial vampires, always feeding off of the energy of other beings.

Astral Projecting

Most members of the spiritual community would not consider astral projecting a form of spiritual attack. In fact, a lot of people within the community see it as a gift to be able to do so. After all, not everyone can mentally and spiritually leave their physical body and journey to other places and dimensions. But, astral projecting can be a form of spiritual attack when your spirit is being pulled from your physical body uncontrollably or against your will. It can also be a spiritual attack if you are sexually assaulted or raped while in the astral realm.

Hexes/Root Work/Curses


The easiest way to be attacked spiritually is to be on the receiving end of a hex. I am a firm believer that hexes are necessary in some instances. Especially if they are used to restore a balance of power or are used for the greater good of humanity. But, if you find that you are consistently on the receiving end of a hex then you may be under spiritual attack. The entity that is hexing you may be attempting to weaken you, distract you, or strip you of your powers.

The stripping or binding of powers is considered a hex, and as with any other type of hex it is sometimes necessary. But, when this happens to a light worker, healer, or an entity using their powers for the greater good, then it is a form of spiritual attack. The binding and stripping of powers cannot be done by a single entity. It usually requires a sizeable number of entities working together for it to be done successfully.



Everyone has seen a horror film where some poor unsuspecting person has been possessed by a demon. Yes, this can happen in real life, but this is not usually the case among members of the spiritual community. We are usually too powerful to be susceptible to low level demons who are in search of a host. But, as we open ourselves up to receive messages from other entities such as guides, ancestors, and gods/goddesses, we open ourselves up to be possessed by negative entities as well. When this happens, then this is a form of spiritual attack.

Attacks during Dreaming/Daydreaming


Almost everyone is capable of dreaming and/or daydreaming. This is your mind’s way of revealing to you things that are in your subconscious. Dreaming is good. Even nightmares are good because they reveal to you areas that you need to work on. But, in your dream state is when you are most vulnerable to be attacked as your conscious is unable to protect you. Your subconscious will try several things to defend itself during a spiritual attack, but ultimately the only way to end it is to wake up.

Spiritual attacks during your dream state can be the inability to wake yourself up from a dream. It can also feel like your mind has been hijacked and you are no longer in control. You may dream about battling a negative entity because your subconscious really did go to battle in your sleep. You may also wake up and feel tired or drained because you have been siphoned of your energy in your sleep.

How do I protect myself from spiritual attacks?

There are several different methods of protection that can be used to keep your spirit safe from spiritual warfare. The ones listed here are common generic protections. If none of these work for you, we can book an energy work session to get into more specific practices for you needs.

Spiritual Cleanses


You’ve experienced your first spiritual attack. Now what? The first thing that I would recommend that you do is cleanse your spirit and your aura. Remove any negative energy that is around you. Several tools can be used to achieve this.

White sage smudge sticks are a favorite go-to for removing negative energy. Another go-to is the use of Holy and/or Florida Water to cleanse negative energy. Both of these are used by spiritualists and non-spiritualists alike

Spiritual baths are another great way to do a spiritual cleanse. Adding epsom or pink himalayan sea salt to your bath along with sage, rosemary, chamomile frankincense, rosewood, and/or hibiscus to your water is a great spiritual cleanse that is grounding as well. To add an extra kick to this bath you can add crystals to your bath water. I will get into crystal usage later in this post. Make sure that you’re using tumbled stones only that are water safe!

Sit in the tub for at least 20 minutes, or until you feel the negative energy has been removed. Then bathe in castile soap, rinse off, and allow ALL of the water to go down the drain before exiting the tub. During the draining process order all negative entities down the drain. When you get out of the tub do not dry off as the salts are still working. Allow yourself to air dry and rest for at least 10 minutes.

If you do not have a bathtub or you don’t have time to sit in a tub of water then I highly recommend using Dr. Teal’s Detoxify and Energize Epsom Salt Body Wash in the shower. It has ginger and bentonite clay in addition to the epsom salt. Wash your body from head to toe. You can use your normal face routine but this is the only exemption. Don’t forget to wash your back. Don’t leave any part of your body unwashed. Also shampoo your hair.

For at least the first week after your spiritual attack you should bathe in castile soap or the epsom salt body wash. Just to make sure that you remove any residual energy. I would also recommend taking a spiritual bath at least twice a month during the New and Full moons. I know some people take them at every moon phase just as a preemptive measure.



Meditation is a time honored practice. It is used for everything from self-awareness to anxiety prevention. But, meditation is a key tool in preventing spiritual attacks. In meditation you can construct an impenetrable bubble of light energy around your aura. This keeps negative energy from being able to reach you.

In this meditation you’re going to sit in Lotus position, close your eyes, and steady your breath. You want to take slow deep breaths. While you are breathing, ground yourself by becoming aware of the feeling of your body on the floor and work your way up to the crown of your head. Once you reach your crown you want to open up your crown chakra and send out a bright white light. Allow this light to cascade all over you slowly surrounding your body and coming together under your bottom. Imagine that this light barrier does not allow energy in, but allows energy out.

This meditation may take some practice before you can form a complete bubble around you. As you get more proficient at it you will no longer need to sit in lotus position. You will be able to create this energy barrier in an instant’s notice, and you’ll even be able to project this barrier to create one around your loved ones.

Candle Magic


I am a big proponent of candle magic. Its one of  my favorite practices. Candles are very powerful magical tools, and can be used in both white and dark magic. For the sake of this post I’m only going to talk about white magic and using candles for protection.

The most important part of candle magic is knowing what color represents which property. For spiritual protection white, green, red, and black candles are recommended.

White candles are used to keep positive energy around you. White is the color of purity so you know that energy that comes with it is pure and innocent.

Green candles are used for grounding. Green is the representative of the element of Earth. If you’re being attacked in the astral realm, or you’re uncontrollably astrally projecting lighting a green candle will help you to stay grounded.

Red candles are used for protection. Red is the color of the element of fire. Fire is used like a shield to keep energy from being able to reach you.

Black candles are used for riding a space of negative energy. I know a lot of lightworkers who do not like to use black candles because of their association with dark magic. But, in this instance black candles are very useful. They absorb the negative energy in a space.

When using candles for protection be sure to cleanse, consecrate, and charge your candles with your intentions.

Crystal Magic

Crystals are great magical tools that can be used for cleansing, grounding, and protecting. The most important thing to note is that not all crystals agree with everyone’s energy. Some crystal’s energy is too strong for a person’s aura, others aren’t strong enough because the person has very strong energy.

If you are well versed in crystal magic it is recommended that you pick your crystals in person. Holding crystals in your hand will give you an idea of how your energy interacts with the crystal.

Crystals can be used alone or in conjunction with candles and oils, or in spiritual baths to enhance the strength of herbs and oils.

Crystals for Protection

  • Amethyst– a stone of protection and can be worn to prevent psychic attacks and to protect the wearer from all types of harm.
  • Obsidian– one of the strongest protection stones and can shield from psychic attack. It is also said to be a shield from emotional and physical attack. It will seek to purify negative energy in its vicinity, also within the aura.
  • Black Onyx-blocks negative energies from getting in.
  • Selenite-used to dispel negativity, making it a good stone for protection. This energy combined with its angel associations makes it outstanding for angelic protection.
  • Pyrite-a very protective stone, shielding a person from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears.
  • Peridot–  a shield against others who drains your energy. Great to wear around any known energy vampires who leave you significantly drained after interacting with them.
  • Fire Agate-offers a strong shield of protection and is excellent for dispelling fear. This stone that transmutes energy.
  • Yellow Jasper-a protective stone that guards against negativity.
  • Lapiz Lazuli– guards against negative psychic energy.

Crystals for Cleansing

  • Bloodstone purifies a person and their surroundings. Helps to banish negativity. An excellent grounding and protecting stone, helping to keep out undesirable influences.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz-a protective stone that also enhances a person’s aura significantly.
  • Black Tourmaline-one of the most powerful protectors against negative energy from others in both the Earth and Astral plane. It is a good crystal to keep next to your bed at night. It reflects negative energy back to the sender.
  • Garnet cleans and energizes all the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. This stone fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct.
  • Jade-integrates the mind with the body. It provides purity and serenity and increases love and nurturing, while protecting.

Crystals for Grounding

  • Carnelian-grounds and anchors a person in the present reality, while stabilizing them.
  • Ruby-releases blocked energy, cleans and clears blocked chakras and offer protection against psychic attack and vampirism.
  • Smokey Quartz-protects a person from negativity and transmute the energy by grounding it back down into the earth.
  • Hematite-invokes emotional grounding and balances opposing energies, as it strengthens a person’s connection with the Earth. It dissolves negativity and has powerful balancing qualities as it harmonizes mind, body and spirit.
  • Citrine-dissipates negative energies and promotes inner calm. It cleanses the aura and aligns the spiritual body with the physical, making citrine wonderful crystals for grounding

Be sure to cleanse and charge your new crystals before using then. Also, crystals will lose their power as they absorb and release energy, so it is helpful to cleanse and charge them regularly. I recommend every full moon.

Sugars and salts also fall under the category of crystals. Epsom salt, sea salt, and pink Himalayan salt can be used in baths to help with cleansing. Also, using regular table salt can be used as a form of protection. Lining doorways and windows with salt can keep negative entities away. Also if you sleep with water at your bedside placing it in a ring of salt will keep entities from using the water as a portal into your space.

Herbs and Oil Magic

As a kitchen witch this might be my favorite type of magic. I love mixing herb to create oils and potions, adding herbs to everyday food dishes, and using herbs to make teas, baths, and steams. Herbs that have magical properties, like crystals, that can be used to cleanse, protect, and ground.

Also, essential oils of of an herb have the same properties as the herbs themselves. This is why I have included oils in this section. Please note that essential oils are super concentrated and should be used very sparingly. 20-30 drops total in a bath is plenty enough. Five drops can be used to enhance candle magic. DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN WITHOUT A CARRIER OIL!

Herbs for Protection

  • Rosemary-is useful in warding off psychic attacks that just keep coming and coming.

  • Linden (may be called Lime Tree)-Tree spirits also tend to create fortresses around your aura, a shield of bark to protect the valuable inner contents. Linden is in this class of guardians and offers protection from the root chakra all the way to the crown.

  • Calendula protect from more incoming attacks. It helps the body to recognize the energetic signature of the attacker and prepare for any future attacks.

  • Chamomile-turns you into ghost mode. Attacks flow right through and past you.

  • Rose preps the heart to protecting itself. Rose tangles a thicket of thorny vines around the heart like the thorns on its stem.This allows the heart to emit carefree and loving energy without fear.

  • Dragon’s Blood– is useful in protection, energy, and purification. It can be used to enhance a protection spell.

Herbs for Cleansing

  • Sage–  used to remove all outside energy. It can be used a a smudge to remove unwanted energy from a person or an object. It can also be ingested as a tea to cleanse a person’s spirit.
  • Lemongrassan essential ingredient for cleansing herb blends and bath mixes as well as communication blends.
  • Cedaracts as a purifier, cleansing the area in which it is burned.
  • Lavender– clears away negative and stagnant energy.
  • Peppermint– aids salts in baths in removing unwanted energy.
  • Burdock– removes and blocks negative energy and thoughts.
  • Frankincense-removes negative energy from a space. Can also be used in spiritual baths to cleanse the aura of negative energy.
  • Myrrh- used for purification, protection, and healing.

Herbs for Grounding

  • Palo Santo– clears the mind and is used to keep energies grounded and clear.
  • Clove– used to raise spiritual vibrations, purify an area, protect, and  banish hostile/negative entities.
  • Dandelion-the root is used in sleep protection, and calling on spiritual assistance. While the leaf is used for healing, purification, and protection.
  • Hibiscus– promotes peace and tranquility as well as raises spiritual vibrations.

These herbs can be used alone or in combination with each other. I would not recommend using more than 5 herbs at a time or more than 2 herbs from a single category as they will start to cancel each other’s energy out. Herbs can be used to make teas, steams, or in spiritual baths. They can also be used to make oils that can be used in conjunction with candles and crystals.

While this post is not comprehensive, I hope that I have provided you with some helpful information if you have found yourself under spiritual attack.

Love and Light,