A Remedy to Stress & Anxiety for Each Zodiac Sign

Written By Nisha

Out of 21 votes, more than 75% of you on Twitter said that you’ve developed some form of anxiety or panic attacks within the past few years. And more than 20% of you said that you knew someone who had.  I’ve put together this little compilation to act as a quick reference for when you’re in a funk or on the edge.  Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. And let me know if it resonates!

Aries: The best thing for you to do is a  PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!  You naturally have a lot of fire and it’s easy for your energy to get pinned up if it isn’t exerted.  And rather than internalize it or take it out on others, take it out on the punching bag or the track or treadmill or yoga mat or the football or volleyball or hey, even sex, for the purposes of transmutation.  Whatever gets your heart beat up, do that!  Working up a sweat is especially good for you and your release.

Taurus: Your best friend is the WATER.  This is the perfect way for you to wind down without any effort necessary.  Because you’re an earth sign, water naturally puts you at ease–it’s your equal opposite.  So, drink water, go swimming, soak your feet in water, go get a pedicure, take a shower, run the water over your head, take a bath in the tub, go to the mattress department and lay on a water bed, buy a water bed lol.  This is your number one go-to for relaxation.

Gemini: This feels two-fold for you.  Lol butof course it does Mr & Miss Twins!!  Your zen seems to come from RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS.  And this will be in both giving and receiving and balancing the two.  The best example of this would be the group Reiki circles–where you’re able to solely achieve peace and heightened clarity and calm, while still being able to be apart of the group; Because the feeling is that you want to be connected and apart of something larger while still being able to be left unto yourself.  Group meditations or participating in collective spirituality functions would help you find your center and put you back at ease.

Cancer: You’re a homebody at heart so when you find yourself wound up or on edge your best bet would be ORDINARINESS. It feels like going to the very basics, so, a hot meal, a warm blanket, a soft pillow, a cool breeze.  In this way it doesn’t take much to make you feel better.  Something as effortless as walking or looking at the sky.  Sitting also feels very helpful.  The next time you’re feeling anxious, just have a seat. You’ll feel like yourself in no time. Turn off the tv, and the phone and the computer, open a window and keep it simple.

Leo: You’re another active one, like your Aries ally!  And what will help burn some of that innate energy is PARTNERSHIP.  And this feels something like Marco Polo or tag or playing some type of game where you get to engage with someone else and play off of their energy.  This does feel very one-on-one, so, perhaps with a closest friend or sparing partner who you know also likes contact sports or can relate with your experiences.

Virgo: So, your stress usually comes from feeling like things are disarray or out of order.  Naturally, you relax when you have CONTROL.  And that will mean doing those things that you absolutely know you’re an expert at.  Feeling that assured confidence without competition or having to prove yourself…automatic smile on your face!  What are you the best at?  Go do that.

Libra: Oh my yes.  This is your outlet…TRAVEL!  Going outside of your everyday norm automatically makes you feel so good.  You like change.  You like new.  And a lot of the time your frustration comes from when things have stayed the same for too long.  So, get going.  Plan a day trip.  Use different modes of transportation– bus, Ubër, train, walking… Do something different.  Change up your scenery and you’re good to go.

Scorpio: You are very much like your Taurean friends.  A lot of your stress comes from self-imposed stagnation.  You tend to think things are harder than they are or have to be.  WATER is your answer.  You must remember to go with the flow.  Flexibility is very key for you.  Being a water sign, you would think you would know this much better than your earthy peeps, but you can be quite stubborn.  It would be wise for you to have a go-to person in your life that models this easygoing behavior.  In stressful times look to this person.  How would they react?  What would they tell you to do?

Sagittarius: Believe it or not, GARDENING would be a beneficial hobby for you to take up.  You’re a natural visionary.  So, sometimes, your anxiety comes when you aren’t able to see the bigger picture or when you feel restricted in pursuing your goals.  Having a garden, however small, would help you to always see the progress you’re making.  You would readily be able to see something growing and something that you directly had a hand in creating and make manifest.  Instant gratification and reward!

Capricorn: You’re very funny.  You aren’t the most friendly of the bunch or social because you’re usually busy eyes deep in work.  And when you are mingling  it’s brief or for the purpose of furthering your personal pursuits. So, of course, your stress relieve would be in FRIENDLINESS.   Try smiling at a stranger.  (Not a potential predator just a stranger, choose wisely lol.)  Ask someone their name and strike up a conversation.  Do something nice for someone for no reason.  Your anxiety can come from staying in your bubble too long.  In a tense moment it would really help for you to break away from your agenda and engage the people you share the world with.  Look up icebreakers.  Start there.

Aquarius: You are similar to your Capricorn friends.  You need to take a break from sharing your expansive knowledge and learn INTIMACY.   It would really help you to allow yourself to become vulnerable and even get emotional at times.  Who knows your secrets?  Who knows your fears?  Who has ever seen you cry?  Let it out.  Have a meltdown.  Talk.  Confide in someone you trust.  It isn’t necessary to bear it all in silence.  It isn’t weakness to feel.

Pisces: Sometimes you Pisceans can be too emotionally evolved for your own good.  And because of this it can be difficult for others to relate to you when you tell them your problems or thoughts.  So, MEDITATION is your best stress reliever.  Go within.  Everyone has this sacred place inside themselves, but you more so than others have this immense oasis that can be explored to unending heights and depths.  It’s a complete other world in there for you.  A safe escape.  Bon voyage! (Take a Libran with you 🙂