New Moon in Sagittarius


Written By Catherine

Sun and Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius: Cupid knocks on the door of a human heart.

This symbol is about emotional rebirth and the stirrings of romantic love. This new moon offers us an opportunity to apply the lessons and healing from Scorpio season to bring our intentions to fruition. Romantic love in its highest form is about the balance of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. This can manifest in a relationship with a partner, in a relationship with Source, or within our own being. The receptive principle supports the creative principle.

Sesquisquare Uranus at 20 degrees Aries: A young girl feeding birds in winter.

Sesquisquares represent disharmony and irritation: minor conflict. The keywords for this symbol are the transmutation of life into love. It represents compassion and hope. The opportunity for emotional rebirth may come from a sudden revelation or an sudden change born from a new understanding of compassion, or a new way to bring compassion to a difficult situation.

Square Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces: A jockey spurs his horse, intent on out-distancing his rivals.

Here we see that perhaps emotional rebirth was not exactly what we were most intent on manifesting. This symbol is about the pointed pursuit of success, an approach most used for personal and material goals, not relationships and emotional matters. We are reminded that love and emotional healing are not antithetical to material success: when we raise our vibration we manifest bigger and better things. Love in any form fuels our personal success when we stay true to ourselves.

Square North node at 8 degrees Virgo: A five year old child takes a first dancing lesson.

This symbol represents the potential of initiation, and the north node of a chart shows us the spiritual significance of that moment in time. To make the most of this moon cycle we will need to show our new understanding in our daily lives and ground the healing we experienced in the last cycle. There is a new way of doing things and a new manner of being available to us; harnessing this energy is the key to success under this new cycle.

Sesquisquare the Vertex at 22 degrees Cancer: A young woman awaiting a sailboat.

This symbol represents the Divine feminine. The sesquisquare shows us that there is a bit of a learning curve in releasing our tendency towards toxic masculinity. The vertex is the attraction axis. We are not going to manifest our desires by hitting them over the head and dragging them home. We must honor the process of co-creation and leave the Universe some emptiness to fill. Have faith that what you desire is coming to you in the form and timing that serves your highest good.

Trine Vesta at 5 degrees Leo: Rock formations tower over a deep canyon.

Vesta is the asteroid of spiritual heritage and self-respect, and this symbol is about impersonality. The trine helps ease the restrictions we so often place on how, when and from whom we receive what we need and want. There is an opportunity to connect with the Universe more directly, an ability to set aside our conditioned preferences and open up to formless Divine energy.

Lilith at 21 degrees Scorpio: Drawing aside two dark curtains, a woman reveals a sacred path.

Lilith applies a trine to the vertex. This symbol represents a plunge into the unknown. The two curtains here could be said to represent doubt and faith; when we allow these states to exist without operating from them we can access the energy of Divine feminine. The keyword for the vertex symbol is expectancy, and here we have an ability to rest in expectation that our desires are manifesting without our interference in the details.

Ascendant at 6 degrees Sagittarius: A game of cricket.

This symbol represents group solidarity and it refers to our guides. The ancestors, Archangels and Ascended Masters are always meeting our material efforts with support on the spiritual plane. When we understand this process of co-creation we can ask for the situations and circumstances we desire and let our guides bring them to us according to Divine design.

Midheaven at 20 degrees Virgo: A caravan of cars headed to the west coast.

The keywords for this symbol are “a totalization of purpose and effort”, and while it might appear so at first, it is not a call for a strong-armed pursuit. Here it refers to wholeness, a total effort. It suggests that the best approach to success in this cycle is examining our words and behavior to encourage what feeds our intentions and eliminate what is working against our conscious desires.

Descendant at 6 degrees Gemini: Workmen drilling for oil.

Avidity is the keyword for this symbol, and as the Descendant it shows us that there is a time and place for this energy. When we are presented with an opportunity that has the potential to bring about our desired success, then our masculine energy is well-placed and appropriate. This placement indicates that the waxing moon phase will give us that chance to openly pursue our manifestations.

IC at 20 degrees Pisces: A table set for an evening meal.

The IC of a chart represents the root, and here we see the root belief that underpins the meaning of this new moon cycle. The act of setting the table means that we are preparing to receive a meal. It symbolizes our faith in ourselves and our belief that our desires will be fulfilled. We may not know what is in the oven or when it will be ready, but if we set out the fine china in full expectancy of the feast we will be prepared to receive.


This chart forms a strong t-square, triggering a subconscious urge for the phantom limb of what would complete the Grand Cross. That position is 7 degrees Gemini, keywords: a fundamental trust in and cooperation with life. This is the key to manifestation under the Sagittarius new moon: understanding and believing that life is always unfolding in our favor. The details that we tend to meet with discouragement or irritation when they don’t appear to serve our goals are not proof of opposing force or failure.

We must trust that the purpose of the traffic jam is to put us in the perfect place at the perfect time, that the loss of one person or decline of one relationship is creating emptiness for someone more suited to who we are becoming. Our daily life, our behavior and our assumptions are the most powerful tools we have to build the life we want; they are best used from the perspective of trust.