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We are gifted and skilled psychics, readers, healers, guides, mentors, and intuitive spiritual counselors.

http://ironsmithequipment.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://ironsmithequipment.com/contact/ We give you the truth and help you find the answers you need. Our sole mission is to help and empower people so they find peace and happiness. We show them that they have the power to change their lives and that their destiny is in their hands. Choices create outcomes.

Awakened Queen started as a blog in 2012 by Monique to help people who were dealing with Twin Flame connections.

Due to many emails looking for help and a high client demand, in July 2016, we started offering intuitive services. As of now, we are made up of three gifted intuitive women who each bring something unique and special to Awakened Queen.

We make sure you make the right decisions and tell you what needs to be done to create the best possible outcome in any situation.

We want you to be happy, living your optimal life. Spend some time with us. Get to know us. We want the very best for you. Whatever you are going through at this moment, just know that you are not alone, and this too shall pass. If you are going through a difficult time, we are help you find joy and peace.


I just received my relationship reading and I felt a million times better afterwards. I was in a panic when Ambrielle and Monique helped me. After my reading I calmed down, I was at peace. Ambrielle’s intuitive reading was pinpoint accurate. I was in total shock, she was able to give me little details that were spot on. I’m almost speechless with the way she picked up on everything. She really helped me out and helped me calm my fears. Not only do I feel like she helped me gain the knowledge to improve my relationship, but she also managed to help me as an individual. I am so grateful for this reading. It was worth every penny!! Monique has a gift with her tarot abilities. I’ve received several readings from her before and they’ve always been extremely accurate! I’ve never second guessed my readings with her! She was even able to predict something to the very last detail and it came true within months. These two have wonderful gifts and I highly recommend!

McCall Relationship Combo Reading with Ambrielle and Monique 03/30/2017

Ambrielle is so generous & helpful. With a single concise answer, she confirmed something heavy on my heart that causes me much anxiety on a regular basis. I had consulted an astrologer on the same issue some time ago, & Ambrielle reaffirmed what was said. I hope to book a reading with her soon, so that I can go deeper into this. A light and loving spirit, Ambrielle is an angel for lack of better words. Thank you again, A.

Victoria One Question Psychic Reading with Ambrielle 10/07/2017

To reach us by email: awakenedqueen@gmail(dot)com