March Lovescopes

This month, I decided to focus on love. I pulled some Thoth tarot and Healing with Angels oracle cards for each sign.  There are two readings for each sign, because one reading is for singles, and the other is for people who are in relationships.

If you are single:  2 of Cups – Retreat
Capricorn, keep your heart open and be ready for love when it comes to you, which is not necessarily now. In the meantime, use this quiet period to reflect on the lover you seek. Write out a list of all the qualities you want and the relationship you want to have with this person.

If you are attached:  4 of Cups – Serenity
Capricorn, enjoy your relationship and learn to appreciate the moments you have together. Stop thinking about the future and just stop and smell the roses. There is no need to compare your relationship with others. It’s yours, so focus on yours only. Don’t forget to spend quality time together.

If you are single:  7 of Cups – Surrender & Release
Aquarius, it may seem like you can’t see the forest through the trees right now regarding your love life. And you’re right. The Universe is keeping your love life under wraps. Let go of any worries to the Universe. It has your back regarding love.

If you are attached:  The Emperor – Abundance
Aquarius, there may be some control issues in your relationship right now, and this might have to do with a disconnect when it comes to how each of you see gender roles. Make sure you are on the same page and don’t be afraid to communicate with each other regarding these roles.

If you are single:  3 of Disks – Harmony
Pisces, you could be meeting new people at work or through your business contacts. But I also sense that you need to work on yourself as well. There is some healing that needs to take place before you enter your next relationship. You may feel triggered by things related to love. That’s a sign that a wound needs to be healed once and for all.

If you are attached:  The Devil – Trust
Pisces, you are going to have some hot, emotionally powerful sex with your partner this month, which could even lead to a pregnancy. You may want to be extra careful if you don’t want to conceive. This energy will really bond you to each other. If your relationship was on shaky ground, this may solidify and stabilize it. This is the type of sex that will make you realize you are meant to be.

If you are single:  Prince of Disks – Enchantment
Aries, you may want to sign up for some outdoor events and hiking treks this spring. You will be meeting potential mates outdoors. In the meantime, get out there. Say yes to every invite. Socialize and have fun. And if the weather is right, go to places where there are groups of people outside like parks and river paths. Your next partner could be somebody you meet next to the water.

If you are attached:  Ace of Disks – Truth & Integrity
Aries, this year, you and your partner are on solid ground emotionally and financially. Abundance is yours. You’ve both worked hard to get to this place, so be proud of yourselves and each other. Teamwork is the reason why you are both successful. Never forget that. Now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you are single:  5 of Cups – Archangel Michael
Taurus, something may not have panned out the way you had wanted to this year. And that’s okay, because there is something much better on its way to you. Know that you are loved and protected by your angels and spirit guides. Archangel Michael asks you to call upon him whenever you feel scared or would like protection against negativity.

If you are attached:  Queen of Cups – Dreams
Taurus, it’s okay to dive into your emotions this month with your partner. Let them know that you love and appreciate them through your actions. Make a romantic gesture, text them a sexy picture that says “I love you”, buy them a little gift because you know they will like it. Pay attention to your dreams. Intuitive messages are coming through heavily this month.

If you are single:  5 of Disks – Intention
Gemini, you aren’t attracting anybody right now because your’e dealing with money issues, which should clear up in about 8 months from now. The best thing you can do is set an intention to manifest abundance and be clear. Write down what you wish to manifest every day/week/month/year. Have faith that you are manifesting money. Daily money affirmations would benefit you.

If you are attached:  Queen of Swords – Signs
Gemini, you may not be feeling that lovey dovey this month, because you are focused on goals and striving toward financial success. Make sure your partner knows that you are not distancing yourself from them emotionally and that you are just busy trying to build a better life for the two of you. Ask for signs related to new financial/business opportunities, then pay attention.  A bird or another animals that crosses your path may be tied to a business logo.

If you are single:  9 of Swords – Divine Guidance
Cancer, you may be having a difficult time this month on an emotional level. Decipher what is real and what are your fears creeping in. Fear creates illusions, so you may not be seeing love situations clearly. You may want to step back and assess. Don’t be afraid to ask your spirit guides and angels for Divine Guidance. Don’t make any hasty decisions related to your love life.

If you are attached:  The Wheel of Fortune – Freedom
Cancer, if a relationship is starting to feel toxic and stifling you, it may be time to move on. A cycle is ending. Change is coming. If this relationship feels more like a prison than a sanctuary, this is the perfect time to jump ship. A new and better relationship is on the horizon if you choose this out. If you decide to stay in this relationship, it may improve in 9 months. Remember, you have options.

If you are single:  8 of Disks – Friendship
Leo, your focus shouldn’t be on playing the field right now, but on your own mental stability and finding possible romantic connections through existing friendships. The love you seek may be with somebody you already know. Have fun with friends and stop trying hard to find love. Love will find you. For many, it will be in about 7 months.

If you are attached:  10 of Disks – Power
Leo, you and your partner are building wealth. There is no need to shake things up by making any serious decisions. It’s not the best time to buy that house or start that business. The energy will be better for purchasing property in 5 months. Wait it out, and just enjoy each other in the meantime. The energy of your union has the power to manifest anything you two want. You may want to explore sex magick. Use the energy before your climax to manifest your shared goals.

If you are single:  7 of Swords – Manifestation
Virgo, you’ve got way too much on your mind these days to be able to give your energy to partner right now, so feelings of loneliness may be weighing on your mind. This is temporary energy, so there’s no need to fret. Keep your thoughts regarding love and your next partner positive and focus on what you want and not on what you don’t. You are manifesting a partner very quickly whether you realize it or not.

If you are attached:  8 of Swords – Study
Virgo, you may not be letting your partner in emotionally because you are too focused on learning. This could be you going back to school and not having enough time or energy to give your partner/relationship, or it could be you wanting to learn new things, or engaging in newly discovered passions that are leaving your partner out in the cold. You need to learn how to balance the two. Don’t forget to show your partner love especially when they seem needy.

If you are single:  Queen of Wands – Answered Prayer
Libra, whatever you have been trying to manifest within these past 3 months regarding love is coming to fruition. And with this manifestation comes a transformation of sorts. You may be feel pulled away from certain aspects of your life to focus on yourself. If your focus is normally business and all of a sudden you want to go on a retreat, do it. This is all part of the process of leveling up and upgrading your life before you meet your partner.

If you are attached:  2 of Swords – Music
Libra, you are enjoying the harmonious flow of your relationship. You and your partner are getting along, and you may be hesitant to rock the boat by voicing your opinions, especially if this is a new relationship that hasn’t solidified yet. This could also point to the “Where is this relationship going?” discussion. It’s not the right time to bring this up. Spirit wants you to enjoy this love song that is your relationship. It’s romantic and light. The timing for this conversation will be better in 4 months.

If you are single:  Prince of Cups – Trust
Scorpio, you need to trust in the Divine plan right now. Your love life is a puzzle, and the Universe is assembling it very carefully. Have patience. Keep your heart open and if you are feeling close off, engage with your friends more. Going into hermit mode would not serve you well. You need to be in an open heart space to meet the right one for you. For many of you, you will meet your next serious partner in 7 months. Keep yourself open to love and all its possibilities. Your new love might not be what you wanted, but in the best way.

If you are attached:  The Moon – Playfulness
Scorpio, you may feel some heavy, confusing energy in your relationship, like you don’t know where it’s going and how your partner is feeling. There is an illusory quality to this. You aren’t seeing your partner clearly. The confusion will dissipate once you stop worrying about it. In the meantime, show your partner you are listening to them. Date nights are highly recommended to connect. Even planning a romantic weekend away, especially if you have kids, would do wonders for both of you. Black lace lingerie and heels will snatch somebody’s soul.

If you are single:  The Sun – Power
Sagittarius, you know that song “I’ve Got the Power” by Snap? Well, if you don’t, you need to listen to it ASAP, because that’s you and yes, you have the POWER. You are a radiating light to many potential suitors right now. You have that oomph, that good juju, and it’s making them go wild for you. You need to be going out and embracing this energy. You can’t meet anybody sitting on the couch. If you are feeling insecure about your looks, daily beauty affirmations will change your outlook and life.

If you are attached:  Prince of Wands – Ideas & Inspiration
Sagittarius, you are feeling sexy and ready to take on the world because your relationship is breathing life into you. You may have had issues with your partner within the past 7 months, particularly related to somebody cheating. You are both moving past that and ready to fully commit to each other. Let yourself be inspired by your partner and inspire them. You both need each other as anchors more than ever.  You can still be independent and rely on each other emotionally. You’ve been through so much together. That’s how you know this is the real deal.


Tarot Reflections: Lust – Ace of Cups – Knight of Disks


Lust represents what we desire, our passions that run deep, our secrets, the things that make our our bodies and hearts light up with fire because we want them so badly. It is a soul yearning for something bigger than us. It is time to ask ourselves what we truly want and stop feeling ashamed of that desire. There is nothing wrong with giving into our soul’s desires. And yes, we deserve it. We are worthy of these things. Allow this want to be heard by the Universe. Speak it loudly.

The Ace of Cups is about emotional openness, a fresh energy, accepting new into our lives, and not being afraid of our emotional depths. It’s okay to allow people into our hearts. It’s a wonderful thing to be able accept love without fear. We are present and willing, open to the possibilities of new connections. Everything is better because we have let go of the past and the emotional weight that we had been carrying for so long. There is nothing holding us back anymore.

The Knight of Disks tells us that we are strong and balanced. We are ready to manifest amazing things because we are ready for them. From the fire of Lust and the water of the Ace of Cups, now here we are with the earth beneath our feet, to ground us. Everything is secure and safe. This is where we can build our empires, homes, and businesses, from this place of stability within us. The Knight never had to rush to get there. He took his time to reach his destination. He is now observing how far he’s come in his journey, feeling gratitude for everything he has accomplished.

Erotic City: Tarot Readings for Sex

If we cannot make babies, maybe we can make some time
Thoughts of pretty you and me, Erotic City come alive
We can fuck until the dawn, making love ’til cherry’s gone
Erotic City can’t you see, thoughts of pretty you and me
~ Erotic City by Prince

An Erotic City Sex Reading is where you ask questions regarding sex, desires, and fantasies, and the cards, which are designed like regular tarot cards, except they have erotic images on them, and they will guide you to the answers. These cards can be quite healing for a person trying to heal from sexual trauma or somebody looking to build a deeper connection with their partner in the bedroom.

A client could ask:

“What is my partner looking for sexually?”

“What type of sexual partner would satisfy me?”

“How can I improve my sex life with my husband?”

“How can I heal my sexual trauma?”

“How can I feel more confident in the bedroom?”

“How can I make my partner feel comfortable sexually?”

“How can I make my partner beg for more?”

“If I have sex with X, what will the sex be like?”

“What is my partner’s biggest sexual turn-off?”

“How can I feel more sexual?”

By reading these cards and tuning into the sexual energy, I can reveal all the sexual secrets.  There are several erotic tarot decks out there. Personally, I prefer the Decameron Tarot, because that was the one I was pulled in by.

Since I’ve been getting so many questions regarding these Erotic City Sex Readings, I will give you a sample reading from a client.

Her question was “What can I do sexually to my long distance boyfriend when we see each other in a few months that will make him think about me for days and weeks to come?”

Great question!

I pulled three cards.

The first card is the 4 of Cups. By tuning into the energy of the card, I’m seeing a man peeping on a woman behind a door. There is a voyeuristic quality to this card. My gut is telling me this man wants to watch his girlfriend in the shower, undressing, touching herself, etc. He wants her doing naughty things in private while he peeps on her. She should take a shower and invite him to watch behind the curtain while she moans, soaps herself up, and puts on a little sexy show for just him. Men are visual creatures. They like to see their lovers’ bodies. They like to watch them feel and act sexual.

The second card is Justice. The woman is depicted blind-folded, naked, with her beautiful ass exposed. This man wants to see his girlfriend stripped, blind-folded, on her hands and knees, under his control. He’s looking for some light S&M. He wants to be a master to her servant girl. He’s also dying to see that ass bent over in front of him again. If she tells him that he’s in complete control, he will melt in her hands. This is the type of dynamic that gets him off in the bedroom. He loves a woman who will submit to him.

The third card is the 2 of Cups. The message is pretty clear: She needs to ride him like a cowboy. As one of my best guy friends used to say “Women need to fuck us (men) like they’re getting medical benefits from it, like it’s their job and they have a 401k plan attached to it.” In other words, he wants her on top, doing all the work. She should tell him to lie back and just enjoy the experience while she gets off on top of him. He wants her to ride him and have an orgasm from it. Again, he wants to watch her, which is why he wants her to be on top. He’s dying to see how sexy she looks in the throes of passion. The 2 of Cups is all about connecting. In this case, he wants to connect to his lover by feeling her orgasm while he’s inside of her.

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4 of Cups: Luxury

Bliss—a-second-by-second joy and gratitude at the gift of being alive, conscious—lies on the other side of crushing, crushing boredom. Pay close attention to the most tedious thing you can find (Tax Returns, Televised Golf) and, in waves, a boredom like you’ve never known will wash over you and just about kill you. Ride these out, and it’s like stepping from black and white into color. Like water after days in the desert. Instant bliss in every atom.”

– David Foster Wallace

Image via Daily Styling Deluxe

The journey through the tarot cups continues as we move away from the celebratory energy of the 3 of Cups to the stable and balanced, yet slightly boring, 4 of Cups. Aleister Crowley titled it “Luxury.” When you look at the Thoth 4 of Cups, you see a lovely image of 4 golden cups flowing with water. Everything seems perfect, but in life, nothing is ever perfect.

This card warns us that when things get too comfortable, we have the tendency to wonder what it would be like to have a different life. What we once desired, we may not even want anymore. And what is being offered to us, we may not even see because we’re too focused on our current emotional yearning and dissatisfaction. We are all caught up in what we don’t have rather than what we already do or could have. It carries the message: The grass is always greener on the other side.

Crowley writes: “The card refers to the Moon in Cancer, which is her own house; but Cancer itself is so placed that this implies a certain weakness, an abandonment to desire. This tends to introduce the seeds of decay into the fruit of pleasure.” The theme of this card is ennui.

I once had a dream where I saw this card, and I heard a voice say “SUBURBIA.” When I awoke, I completely understood the meaning of the 4 of Cups. Living in the suburbs in a house with a white picket fence with a husband/wife, kids, and a dog could be boring at times, especially if the couple didn’t switch up their routine once in a while and make a conscious effort to stop and have a little fun.

This card makes me think of the vibrantly colored cookie cutter houses in the movie, Edward Scissorhands, where everything is the same. Stability and comfort are nice, but sometimes you want more from life. I believe we can create our most optimal life and make it uniquely ours without having to follow anybody else’s personal template for happiness and fulfillment.

The 4 of Cups asks us to ponder the existential questions: “What do we truly want from life? And when we attain those life goals, what will keep us from taking our comfortable, “happy” life for granted?” Stability is lovely to have in a relationship, a job, or life in general, but in regards, to emotions, there is no way to go but down, as stability quickly turns to stagnancy. In a relationship reading this could be showing us that the fantasy bubble has burst, the honeymoon phase is over, and now we need to figure out how to keep it from growing stagnant.

On a lighter note, this card may also represent the notion of self-love, sending the message that the love we find within ourselves is the basis of our happiness; it is the foundation from which to build a relationship. Emotional stability and structure in our core are the keys to a lasting relationship with another person.

In the book, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Lon DuQuette declares: “Love leads to Abundance, which (left uncontrolled) leads to Luxury which (left uncontrolled) leads to decadence, boredom, frustration – and Disappointment.”

Astrologically, it corresponds to Moon in the 3rd Decan of Cancer. In regards to the Quabalah, Tree of Life, it is Chesed through Water.

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3 of Cups: Abundance

Image via Fashiontography 

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” – Winnie the Pooh

The 3 of Cups appears in a reading when we are living in a state of joy and pleasure. It is the celebration card. If the Ace of Cups is the seed, and the 2 of Cups is the bud, the 3 of Cups is the blossom. Aleister Crowley titled it “Abundance” and stated it was: “The fulfillment of Will of Love in abounding joy. It is the spiritual basis of fertility.”

In this card, we see pomegranates adorning three cups. The pomegranates represent Persephone, the goddess of the underworld and wife of Hades, the god of the underworld.  These are symbolic of marriage, fertility, abundance, and rebirth.

In the myth of Persephone, Hades was madly in love with her and wanted her as his wife, so he tricked her into eating six pomegranate seeds. She didn’t realize that for each pomegranate seed eaten, she would have to spend one month a year in the underworld with Hades.

According to the legend, she lived with Hades as his wife for six months out of the year, and stayed with her mother, Demeter, goddess of the earth, for the other half of the year. Crowley, the true pessimist, gives us a subtle warning with this card that emotional fulfillment may have a shadow side to it: All that glitters is not gold. He states: “The good things in life, although enjoyed, should be distrusted.” Talk about a buzzkill!

In the Thoth 3 of Cups, eight golden lotus flowers are displayed. Lotus blossoms symbolize rebirth, regeneration, and reincarnation. Lotus flowers grow from muddy water. During the day, they open to allow the rays of the sun to give them life. In the evening, they close as the moonlight shines upon them in their deep slumber. Every morning, they are brought back to life by the sun.

The three chalices may represent specific people, emotions, or situations where we experience good times. It may show up in a reading as a girls’ night out, a party, a first date, a committed relationship, or as a message that we need to experience more joy in our lives. It’s the card that tells us not to take life too seriously and to have a little fun. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest.

In regards to a relationship, after much analyzing and introspection, I’ve realized that the 3 of Cups may represent the two people in the relationship and the separate entity that is the relationship itself. Two people create the relationship. The relationship is their baby, in a sense.

Through their effort, they make the relationship into whatever they choose it to be. It requires both of them to make the union work. Each person must put in the same amount of effort as the other for it to be balanced. All three cups must be flowing with equal amounts of water, otherwise there’s going to be an imbalance in the relationship. Since each chalice is overflowing with water (emotion/love), it may be a message that for a relationship to truly last, each person must love himself/herself first.

It corresponds astrologically to Mercury in the 2nd Decan of Cancer. In the Quabalah Tree of Life, it is Binah through Water.

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2 of Cups: Love

Image via Fashiontography

“We loved with a love that was more than love.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

If the Ace of Cups is the emotional offering, the 2 of Cups is the connection that follows. It represents love, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s about harmony and emotional union. In this card, love has a focus. It takes two people to love the other for there to be a true flowing connection. There is an exchange of balanced emotional energy here.

The 2 of Cups often times alludes to a romantic love, but it may show up as a friendship or familial love as well. Some of our closest friends are our soul mates. We love them even if we are not romantically involved with them. It symbolizes any connection that touches our hearts as much as we touch theirs.

The most important aspect of this card is mutual feelings. This is not a card that would appear in a reading about unrequited love or somebody giving more in a friendship than the other person. This is all about balance and the feeling that you get back as much as you give in this relationship.

Aleister Crowley titled this card “Love” and described it as “Love under Will.” He believed it was the harmony of the feminine and masculine. In the Thoth version, there are two heraldic dolphins (pink with yellow fins) entwined around a pink lotus. Water flows onto their heads and gushes out their mouths to fill two large gold chalices. The dolphin and chalice on the right side mirrors the pair on the opposite side. This signifies mutual emotions, a truly balanced union of love.

Something to note: The dolphin was sacred to Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of Love. It was also the companion to both the god Apollo (the Sun) as well as Aphrodite (the Moon.) The Sun is masculine energy whereas the Moon is feminine. In shamanism, dolphin personifies balance, harmony, playfulness, and love. It teaches us to connect to our emotions and not be afraid to swim in the depths of them. The 2 of Cups embodies that notion, because it is about two people emotionally open enough to connect on a deep, meaningful level.

It corresponds astrologically to Venus in the 1st Decan of Cancer. In regards to the Quabalah Tree of Life, it is Chokmah through Water.

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Ace of Cups

Image via Fashiontography

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

The Ace of Cups is the seed of the suit of the Cups. It represents new beginnings, emotional openness, renewed emotion, an outpouring of love, or an emotional offering. This card shows up when there are no obstacles in the way. There are no emotional blocks within the person or situation. Everything just flows.

Cups represent emotions. When the Ace of Cups shows up, it is telling us that we are ready to give and receive love.  We are not held back by our past hurts. Whatever we’ve been through that wounded and temporarily closed our hearts is over, and now we are diving into the fresh waters of unlimited emotional possibility.

The Ace of Cups tells us to live in the moment of that refreshed emotion, as if we are playing in a fountain or letting a waterfall cool us down on a blistering summer day. Moments of emotional bliss are what make our lives beautiful and rewarding: It’s a kiss on our cheek from our mother, a hug from our best friend, or a passionate embrace with our lover. The Ace of Cups symbolizes that feeling of love in that perfect moment. It is powerful, because it is pure emotion and connects us to our hearts. It is so special that nothing comes close to duplicating it.

Regarding the Thoth version of this card, my tarot teacher observed that the golden cup looks like a woman holding her hips. There is an element of femininity and beauty to the card. It’s as if a woman is letting her true emotional self shine through. The Divine light that pours out of her is love pulled from the depths of her soul. This light creates an intricate web of positive energy, which surrounds the chalice as it sends out waves of love.  Love is healing. Love is a blessing. Love transforms.

Astrologically, it corresponds to the water signs (e.g. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.) In regards to timing questions, it would point to either of these three signs. In the Quabalah Tree of Life, it is Kether through Water.

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