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At the level of the arcuate line, thedeep inferior epigastric vessels become visible on the undersurface of the rectusabdominis muscle. In the absence of prospective studies randomizingequal groups of patients to different diversion types there are limitations to applicability inthe available literature. Thesecells undergo keratinization, a process during which theymigrate upward from the lower epidermis (basal layer) andaccumulate keratin (80%, once fully mature and nonviable).By the time they reach the outer layer, the stratum corneum,the cells are no longer viable. The initial reports onantigenicity were based on observations with an early preparation of onaboulinumtoxinA(1979 Botox®) that reported an antibody rate of 4% to 10% in patients being treated forcervical dystonia. Primary rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap forrepair of perineal and vaginal defects after extended abdominoperineal resection.

They lose their nu-clei and other organelles as they become filled with proteinscalled crystallins. Lacerations order Lyrica from canada purulent discharge, orextreme apprehension during examinationmay indicate physical or sexual abuse. Tachypnea and tachycardiaare commonly present early on. As one proceeds distally through the intes-tines, however, the lymph nodules occur in increasingly larger num-bers. 30.2 Conceptual schematic representation of a typi-cal pneumatic nebulizer. For all subjects order Lyrica from canada plasma levels of A? tended to decline,with aerobic exercise signifying a possible disease-modify-ing effect of this intervention. Vertigo and headache do not always occur at thesame time as vertigo in MAV; in fact order Lyrica from canada vertigo is oftenpresent in the absence of migraine headache (Cutrerand Baloh, 1992; Neuhauser et al., 2001). First I had to give up the park.Then I had to give up going to the end of the road. Theiractions and use in obstetrics is described inCh. Guzman DS order Lyrica from canada Drazenovich TL, Olsen GH, Willits NH, Paul-Murphy JR. Ang II induced vasoconstric-tion promotes movement of fluid from vascularto extravascular compartment. Grochola LF, Zeron-Medina J, Meriaux S, Bond GL (2010) Single-nucleotide polymorphismsin the p53 signaling pathway. The authors reported astatistically significant association between 23 separate autoimmune and chronicinflammatory diseases and cancer development in those patients

The authors reported astatistically significant association between 23 separate autoimmune and chronicinflammatory diseases and cancer development in those patients. It is degraded mainly in liver andkidney order Lyrica from canada and remains detectable in plasma for24 hours.

2013 ESH/ESC Guidelines for themanagement of arterial hypertension: The Task Forcefor the management of arterial hypertension of theEuropean Society of Hypertension (ESH) and of theEuropean Society of Cardiology (ESC). In a prospective order Lyrica from canada randomized, controlled trial of pelvic-floor exercises (PFRPs)in gynecologic cancer survivors, the intervention group significantly improved pelvic-floor function and QOLdomains.14 The PFRPprogram consisted of one 45-minuteexercise session and a 30-minute counseling session per week for 4 weeks. As the newlydivided chondrocytes produce the matrix material thatsurrounds them order Lyrica from canada they are dispersed. Wilson tells hisdaughter order Lyrica from canada “They said, I’ve got diabetes, so I’m scared.” However, in response to his daugh-ter’s question about what else they told him, Mr. The plasma t? of cefota-xime is 1 hr, but is longer for the deacetylatedmetabolite—permitting 12 hourly doses in manysituations

The plasma t? of cefota-xime is 1 hr, but is longer for the deacetylatedmetabolite—permitting 12 hourly doses in manysituations.

Metabolites: 1, ApAp(parent compound);2, N-OH ApAp; 3, N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine (NApQI; shown in brackets because it is a chemically unstable, reactive intermediate); 4,ApAp adduct with a protein; 5, p-aminophenol (pAp); 6, p-benzoquinoneimine. further good quality research is necessaryto say whether black cohosh is useful for menopausal symptoms

further good quality research is necessaryto say whether black cohosh is useful for menopausal symptoms. Kidney damage It is a risk only in thepresence of existing kidney disease

Kidney damage It is a risk only in thepresence of existing kidney disease. The technique may be also usefulin differentiating suppurative arthritis from transient synovitis of the hip

The technique may be also usefulin differentiating suppurative arthritis from transient synovitis of the hip. The spleen stores red blood cells, which can be releasedinto the body as needed

The spleen stores red blood cells, which can be releasedinto the body as needed. Patients requiring sedative therapy for agitation, ICP control, or other medical causesare eligible for cMDNM. In order to manage cancer pain optimally,staff must understand the complex interface between drug abuse andtherapeutic use of drugs that can be abused. There is noethical basis for forcing fluids or nutrition upon a patient. Compared to men order Lyrica from canada CAC is less prevalent inwomen at a given age.

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Written By Tresmoongoddess

Everyone has heard of Karma before. This natural law has expanded beyond the beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism into Western culture. But, do our beliefs about what Karma is, actually align with the law that is practiced by its religion of origin? In this post I will discuss the misconceptions about Karma as well as the definition of what Karma is based on the Buddhists and Hindus.

So, let’s talk about what Karma is NOT!

Many people believe that Karma is some sort of retribution, an “eye for an eye” type of deal. You do something bad and in return something bad happens to you. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard, “She will get what’s coming to her!” or, “I’ll let Karma deal with it.” from people seemingly taking the high road in a situation when they have been wronged by someone. While Karma IS the result of someone’s actions, it doesn’t quite work that way.

Well Goddess, what IS Karma then?

I am glad that you asked! The word Karma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to the English word action, and is used by Eastern religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. The overall premise of Karma is one of cause and effect. Every action that you do will have an effect on your life in the future. So, yes, Karma is something that happens to you, but the most important part of Karma is not the action, but the WHY behind the action.

The WHY is often the part Western culture leaves off when thinking about Karma. But, the WHY is what causes Karma to happen in the first place. The WHY causes the effect in the cause and effect of Karma. Karma doesn’t just look at a person’s actions. It looks at the person’s intentions.

Let’s say someone robs a store. They aren’t going to be robbed in the future just because they did this crime. Karma looks at the reason that they robbed the store. Were they trying to feed their family and didn’t have the financial means, or, were they just doing it for some type of gang initiation? The person who did it trying to feed their family may actually have good Karma come to them because their intentions were good, whereas the person who did it for gang initiation may have bad Karma come to them because their intentions were bad.

The WHY in the law of Karma is why people who are seemingly horrible people and do really fucked up things never have bad things happen to them. It is also why people who are seemingly really good people may always be down on their luck. So, while Karma IS an action, it is NOT about someone’s actions, but rather their intentions.

Now that we know what Karma is, let’s talk about HOW Karma works.

Karma is not something instantaneous. A person’s Karma can take hours, days, months, years, or even lifetimes to occur. It really just depends on how out of balance a person is. The ultimate goal of Karma is to seek, restore, and maintain balance. This idea of balance is why a lot of Western culture believes that Karma is about “an eye for an eye”. But, that’s not how Karma maintains balance.

Think about Karma as a bank. People can accrue good debt such as a home that appreciates in value that can pay out later in life as it appreciates, or they can accrue bad debt such as credit card interest, and bank fees from over-drafting their accounts. The Karma bank either pays out the appreciation or collects the interest and fees. Some fees hit quick such as an overdraft fee and others may occur over a time period such as paying interests on a car loan. How big the fee is and how hard it is felt depends on how much money (good Karma) a person has saved in their account. Karma is constantly looking at the account of a person’s intentions to make sure that their account is balanced, and it pays out and collects as necessary.

I hope that this helps you to better understand what Karma is and how it works!

You can send me any  comments on Twitter at @tresmoongoddess 🙂



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Written By Tresmoongoddess

About a month ago I received a message from the Spirit about spiritual attacks and protection. That on that evening there were to be no open glasses of water left at my bedside because they are open portals to allow entities into your home and into your dreams. I followed the guidance given to me and not only poured out my glass of water that I normally keep on my nightstand, but I informed my followers that they should do the same. That was the first warning that I had received that there is some sort of spiritual warfare going on in other dimensions.

Recently however, friends, clients, and family members have said that they have been the recipient of some type of spiritual attack.  This set off red flags to me that indicated that the message I had received a month ago was not an isolated incident, and that the spiritually vulnerable (empaths, mystics, mediums, etc) need to arm themselves with tools to combat these attacks.

What are spiritual attacks?

Spiritual attacks can be several different things. It’s not just being possessed by someone else’s spirit or a demon, which is often portrayed in movies. Yes, possession can be a form of spiritual attack. Especially if you did not invite or welcome that spirit or entity into your body. But there are several other types of ways that one can be spiritually attacked.

Here are the top 5 ways that someone can be attacked spiritually Please note that this is not a definitive list.

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is a person or entity that drains you of your energy. Simply being around them causes you to feel sluggish, tired, or agitated. They are constantly asking you to give of yourself, but they aren’t reciprocating. This is more than just an annoying family member or friend who is constantly asking for things and getting on your nerves. This is an actual drainage of your life force.

Energy vampires are often parasitic, low vibrational beings. They do not have energy strong enough to carry out their intentions, so they go around taking energy from others who are usually higher vibrational beings. Most energy vampires get addicted to the high of higher vibrating energy, and they become serial vampires, always feeding off of the energy of other beings.

Astral Projecting

Most members of the spiritual community would not consider astral projecting a form of spiritual attack. In fact, a lot of people within the community see it as a gift to be able to do so. After all, not everyone can mentally and spiritually leave their physical body and journey to other places and dimensions. But, astral projecting can be a form of spiritual attack when your spirit is being pulled from your physical body uncontrollably or against your will. It can also be a spiritual attack if you are sexually assaulted or raped while in the astral realm.

Hexes/Root Work/Curses


The easiest way to be attacked spiritually is to be on the receiving end of a hex. I am a firm believer that hexes are necessary in some instances. Especially if they are used to restore a balance of power or are used for the greater good of humanity. But, if you find that you are consistently on the receiving end of a hex then you may be under spiritual attack. The entity that is hexing you may be attempting to weaken you, distract you, or strip you of your powers.

The stripping or binding of powers is considered a hex, and as with any other type of hex it is sometimes necessary. But, when this happens to a light worker, healer, or an entity using their powers for the greater good, then it is a form of spiritual attack. The binding and stripping of powers cannot be done by a single entity. It usually requires a sizeable number of entities working together for it to be done successfully.



Everyone has seen a horror film where some poor unsuspecting person has been possessed by a demon. Yes, this can happen in real life, but this is not usually the case among members of the spiritual community. We are usually too powerful to be susceptible to low level demons who are in search of a host. But, as we open ourselves up to receive messages from other entities such as guides, ancestors, and gods/goddesses, we open ourselves up to be possessed by negative entities as well. When this happens, then this is a form of spiritual attack.

Attacks during Dreaming/Daydreaming


Almost everyone is capable of dreaming and/or daydreaming. This is your mind’s way of revealing to you things that are in your subconscious. Dreaming is good. Even nightmares are good because they reveal to you areas that you need to work on. But, in your dream state is when you are most vulnerable to be attacked as your conscious is unable to protect you. Your subconscious will try several things to defend itself during a spiritual attack, but ultimately the only way to end it is to wake up.

Spiritual attacks during your dream state can be the inability to wake yourself up from a dream. It can also feel like your mind has been hijacked and you are no longer in control. You may dream about battling a negative entity because your subconscious really did go to battle in your sleep. You may also wake up and feel tired or drained because you have been siphoned of your energy in your sleep.

How do I protect myself from spiritual attacks?

There are several different methods of protection that can be used to keep your spirit safe from spiritual warfare. The ones listed here are common generic protections. If none of these work for you, we can book an energy work session to get into more specific practices for you needs.

Spiritual Cleanses


You’ve experienced your first spiritual attack. Now what? The first thing that I would recommend that you do is cleanse your spirit and your aura. Remove any negative energy that is around you. Several tools can be used to achieve this.

White sage smudge sticks are a favorite go-to for removing negative energy. Another go-to is the use of Holy and/or Florida Water to cleanse negative energy. Both of these are used by spiritualists and non-spiritualists alike

Spiritual baths are another great way to do a spiritual cleanse. Adding epsom or pink himalayan sea salt to your bath along with sage, rosemary, chamomile frankincense, rosewood, and/or hibiscus to your water is a great spiritual cleanse that is grounding as well. To add an extra kick to this bath you can add crystals to your bath water. I will get into crystal usage later in this post. Make sure that you’re using tumbled stones only that are water safe!

Sit in the tub for at least 20 minutes, or until you feel the negative energy has been removed. Then bathe in castile soap, rinse off, and allow ALL of the water to go down the drain before exiting the tub. During the draining process order all negative entities down the drain. When you get out of the tub do not dry off as the salts are still working. Allow yourself to air dry and rest for at least 10 minutes.

If you do not have a bathtub or you don’t have time to sit in a tub of water then I highly recommend using Dr. Teal’s Detoxify and Energize Epsom Salt Body Wash in the shower. It has ginger and bentonite clay in addition to the epsom salt. Wash your body from head to toe. You can use your normal face routine but this is the only exemption. Don’t forget to wash your back. Don’t leave any part of your body unwashed. Also shampoo your hair.

For at least the first week after your spiritual attack you should bathe in castile soap or the epsom salt body wash. Just to make sure that you remove any residual energy. I would also recommend taking a spiritual bath at least twice a month during the New and Full moons. I know some people take them at every moon phase just as a preemptive measure.



Meditation is a time honored practice. It is used for everything from self-awareness to anxiety prevention. But, meditation is a key tool in preventing spiritual attacks. In meditation you can construct an impenetrable bubble of light energy around your aura. This keeps negative energy from being able to reach you.

In this meditation you’re going to sit in Lotus position, close your eyes, and steady your breath. You want to take slow deep breaths. While you are breathing, ground yourself by becoming aware of the feeling of your body on the floor and work your way up to the crown of your head. Once you reach your crown you want to open up your crown chakra and send out a bright white light. Allow this light to cascade all over you slowly surrounding your body and coming together under your bottom. Imagine that this light barrier does not allow energy in, but allows energy out.

This meditation may take some practice before you can form a complete bubble around you. As you get more proficient at it you will no longer need to sit in lotus position. You will be able to create this energy barrier in an instant’s notice, and you’ll even be able to project this barrier to create one around your loved ones.

Candle Magic


I am a big proponent of candle magic. Its one of  my favorite practices. Candles are very powerful magical tools, and can be used in both white and dark magic. For the sake of this post I’m only going to talk about white magic and using candles for protection.

The most important part of candle magic is knowing what color represents which property. For spiritual protection white, green, red, and black candles are recommended.

White candles are used to keep positive energy around you. White is the color of purity so you know that energy that comes with it is pure and innocent.

Green candles are used for grounding. Green is the representative of the element of Earth. If you’re being attacked in the astral realm, or you’re uncontrollably astrally projecting lighting a green candle will help you to stay grounded.

Red candles are used for protection. Red is the color of the element of fire. Fire is used like a shield to keep energy from being able to reach you.

Black candles are used for riding a space of negative energy. I know a lot of lightworkers who do not like to use black candles because of their association with dark magic. But, in this instance black candles are very useful. They absorb the negative energy in a space.

When using candles for protection be sure to cleanse, consecrate, and charge your candles with your intentions.

Crystal Magic

Crystals are great magical tools that can be used for cleansing, grounding, and protecting. The most important thing to note is that not all crystals agree with everyone’s energy. Some crystal’s energy is too strong for a person’s aura, others aren’t strong enough because the person has very strong energy.

If you are well versed in crystal magic it is recommended that you pick your crystals in person. Holding crystals in your hand will give you an idea of how your energy interacts with the crystal.

Crystals can be used alone or in conjunction with candles and oils, or in spiritual baths to enhance the strength of herbs and oils.

Crystals for Protection

  • Amethyst– a stone of protection and can be worn to prevent psychic attacks and to protect the wearer from all types of harm.
  • Obsidian– one of the strongest protection stones and can shield from psychic attack. It is also said to be a shield from emotional and physical attack. It will seek to purify negative energy in its vicinity, also within the aura.
  • Black Onyx-blocks negative energies from getting in.
  • Selenite-used to dispel negativity, making it a good stone for protection. This energy combined with its angel associations makes it outstanding for angelic protection.
  • Pyrite-a very protective stone, shielding a person from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears.
  • Peridot–  a shield against others who drains your energy. Great to wear around any known energy vampires who leave you significantly drained after interacting with them.
  • Fire Agate-offers a strong shield of protection and is excellent for dispelling fear. This stone that transmutes energy.
  • Yellow Jasper-a protective stone that guards against negativity.
  • Lapiz Lazuli– guards against negative psychic energy.

Crystals for Cleansing

  • Bloodstone purifies a person and their surroundings. Helps to banish negativity. An excellent grounding and protecting stone, helping to keep out undesirable influences.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz-a protective stone that also enhances a person’s aura significantly.
  • Black Tourmaline-one of the most powerful protectors against negative energy from others in both the Earth and Astral plane. It is a good crystal to keep next to your bed at night. It reflects negative energy back to the sender.
  • Garnet cleans and energizes all the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. This stone fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct.
  • Jade-integrates the mind with the body. It provides purity and serenity and increases love and nurturing, while protecting.

Crystals for Grounding

  • Carnelian-grounds and anchors a person in the present reality, while stabilizing them.
  • Ruby-releases blocked energy, cleans and clears blocked chakras and offer protection against psychic attack and vampirism.
  • Smokey Quartz-protects a person from negativity and transmute the energy by grounding it back down into the earth.
  • Hematite-invokes emotional grounding and balances opposing energies, as it strengthens a person’s connection with the Earth. It dissolves negativity and has powerful balancing qualities as it harmonizes mind, body and spirit.
  • Citrine-dissipates negative energies and promotes inner calm. It cleanses the aura and aligns the spiritual body with the physical, making citrine wonderful crystals for grounding

Be sure to cleanse and charge your new crystals before using then. Also, crystals will lose their power as they absorb and release energy, so it is helpful to cleanse and charge them regularly. I recommend every full moon.

Sugars and salts also fall under the category of crystals. Epsom salt, sea salt, and pink Himalayan salt can be used in baths to help with cleansing. Also, using regular table salt can be used as a form of protection. Lining doorways and windows with salt can keep negative entities away. Also if you sleep with water at your bedside placing it in a ring of salt will keep entities from using the water as a portal into your space.

Herbs and Oil Magic

As a kitchen witch this might be my favorite type of magic. I love mixing herb to create oils and potions, adding herbs to everyday food dishes, and using herbs to make teas, baths, and steams. Herbs that have magical properties, like crystals, that can be used to cleanse, protect, and ground.

Also, essential oils of of an herb have the same properties as the herbs themselves. This is why I have included oils in this section. Please note that essential oils are super concentrated and should be used very sparingly. 20-30 drops total in a bath is plenty enough. Five drops can be used to enhance candle magic. DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN WITHOUT A CARRIER OIL!

Herbs for Protection

  • Rosemary-is useful in warding off psychic attacks that just keep coming and coming.

  • Linden (may be called Lime Tree)-Tree spirits also tend to create fortresses around your aura, a shield of bark to protect the valuable inner contents. Linden is in this class of guardians and offers protection from the root chakra all the way to the crown.

  • Calendula protect from more incoming attacks. It helps the body to recognize the energetic signature of the attacker and prepare for any future attacks.

  • Chamomile-turns you into ghost mode. Attacks flow right through and past you.

  • Rose preps the heart to protecting itself. Rose tangles a thicket of thorny vines around the heart like the thorns on its stem.This allows the heart to emit carefree and loving energy without fear.

  • Dragon’s Blood– is useful in protection, energy, and purification. It can be used to enhance a protection spell.

Herbs for Cleansing

  • Sage–  used to remove all outside energy. It can be used a a smudge to remove unwanted energy from a person or an object. It can also be ingested as a tea to cleanse a person’s spirit.
  • Lemongrassan essential ingredient for cleansing herb blends and bath mixes as well as communication blends.
  • Cedaracts as a purifier, cleansing the area in which it is burned.
  • Lavender– clears away negative and stagnant energy.
  • Peppermint– aids salts in baths in removing unwanted energy.
  • Burdock– removes and blocks negative energy and thoughts.
  • Frankincense-removes negative energy from a space. Can also be used in spiritual baths to cleanse the aura of negative energy.
  • Myrrh- used for purification, protection, and healing.

Herbs for Grounding

  • Palo Santo– clears the mind and is used to keep energies grounded and clear.
  • Clove– used to raise spiritual vibrations, purify an area, protect, and  banish hostile/negative entities.
  • Dandelion-the root is used in sleep protection, and calling on spiritual assistance. While the leaf is used for healing, purification, and protection.
  • Hibiscus– promotes peace and tranquility as well as raises spiritual vibrations.

These herbs can be used alone or in combination with each other. I would not recommend using more than 5 herbs at a time or more than 2 herbs from a single category as they will start to cancel each other’s energy out. Herbs can be used to make teas, steams, or in spiritual baths. They can also be used to make oils that can be used in conjunction with candles and crystals.

While this post is not comprehensive, I hope that I have provided you with some helpful information if you have found yourself under spiritual attack.

Love and Light,


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buy Lyrica in ukKundalini energy is sometimes represented as a serpent or a goddess, lying at the base of the spine, peacefully sleeping. It is spiritual energy. A kundalini awakening occurs when this dormant energy flows freely up through the seven chakras (energy centers) and leads to an expanded state of consciousness and a feeling of deep connection to the Universe.

I had no idea what a spiritual awakening was until I experienced one myself. I had described the physical symptoms to one of my friends because I didn’t know what was happening to me, and she told me it sounded like a kundalini awakening. It was the first time I had even heard the expression.

Everybody’s awakening is unique; you cannot compare your awakening to another person’s. It’s like a snowflake. Everything about it has to do with how your perceive the material world, then it shatters that perception. My perception of reality might not be similar to yours, therefore our experiences may not resemble each other’s.

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Kundalini Awakening Issues

Even though no two awakenings are alike, there are a number of signs that are common amongst people who are experiencing one. Again, the symptoms of mine might be different from yours. You may experience only a few of the signs, whereas another person experiences many. Some people awaken slowly and gently, while others awaken quickly and dare I say, violently. If you are not spiritually and energetically prepared for it, it can be a terrifying, devastating experience. buy Lyrica in thailand

When the kundalini energy hits blockages in your chakras, it creates issues. If you are on the path of trying to awaken kundalini energy, make sure you are energetically balanced. Chakra blockages make for a bumpy, spiritual ride. Your ego freaks out and it makes you feel as if you are losing your mind. I questioned my sanity many times. I was so scared that I was going crazy that I became a hermit to process everything that was happening to me. I only left the house to go to work. I knew something spiritual was taking place, and I knew that my intuitive gifts were showing themselves, but the whole phenomenon scared the living shit out of me.

These are some kundalini awakening symptoms:

1) Prophetic or intuitive dreams 

2) Heart palpitations

3) Tingling in the third eye area 

4) Food intolerances

5) Feelings of vibration and sensations of electricity running through your body

6) Dizzy spells 

7) A feeling of Oneness with all living things and the Universe

8) Energetic (chakra) imbalances

9) Feeling pressure in the head or headache in the crown chakra

10) Night sweats

11) Sensing angels and spirit guides

12) Intense, constantly changing emotions 

At times, an awakening may seem like a curse, but it is actually a blessing from the Universe. It opens our eyes to see the miraculous world of the Divine. As we open them, we spiritually evolve. We grow as souls. We realize that our egos delude us from seeing the truth, which is everything is connected, and we are all one with the Universe. All the fear, anxiety, worrying,  and sadness from our egos drops away as we reach a higher consciousness and we feel nothing but Universal Love.

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind

Signs – Five Man Electrical Band


One of the most confusing, and downright annoying aspects of the Twin Flame connection are the never ending signs or what is known as buy Lyrica in dubai. Synchronicity is when you experience two or more coincidental occurrences that are linked to another. I refer to this phenomenon as “signs.”

The signs were the absolute worst part for me, because we had already separated, and all I wanted was to stop missing him. I wanted to get on with my life without him. I was consumed by thoughts of only him. I could not escape from the connection no matter how hard I tried.

There was a not a day that went by where I didn’t see or hear his name numerous times. He lived in New York City, and suddenly it seemed as if the roads were filled with cars with New York license plates. People were constantly having conversations about New York. Everybody I met was from New York. Any time I heard somebody’s cell phone go off around me, you could guarantee that they would mention New York during the conversation.

I would go to a bar and see people who looked like him. There were times I would see license plates with one word on them, and the word would resonate for me, because it brought back a memory of a moment we had shared together. It was the craziest thing, but it happened all the time. Everything around me reminded me of him. And it was overwhelming as hell. I would try to explain the signs to my closest friends, but people had no idea what it was like, because they had never experienced it. They listened to me, but they probably thought I was under stress from a broken heart and imagining it.

How do you get over somebody when you’re constantly shown how connected you are to each other? You don’t! The universe was chasing me. I didn’t understand why everything around me was about my twin. Everything in my world led back to him, but why? It gave me hope that we would reconnect, and that hope almost killed me. I thought “How could I see so many signs of this man that I love and would do anything to have him back for it not to mean that we will be together again? How is that even possible?” Unfortunately, it is.

all the signs that bind youI have read many stories of Twin Flame separations where one twin experiences these seemingly coincidental signs. No matter how much they try to run from the soul connection, they are continuously reminded of it by the universe through all the synchronicity. From my personal situation, the more I tried to “run” or forget the connection, the more I would see signs.

Let’s look at this piece of the puzzle from a spiritual standpoint first: The reason why you met your twin was to conquer all those deep issues that both of you had been carrying all your lives. That is the whole purpose. It does not matter if you end up married, living in the suburbs with three kids and a Golden Retriever. That’s not how the connection works.

The outcome of your romantic relationship is not a priority; it is only secondary to each other’s healing. The relationship outcome is dependent on you and your twin’s personal choices. So you see more signs when you’re trying to escape the connection, because the connection is what heals you. The universe wants you to heal. That’s all it cares about.

If he/she is no longer in your life due to separation, the only way you’ll fix yourself is to be reminded of that person. It’s the equivalent of the “Mirror Effect” where they reflect your issues back to you and vice versa, as if both of you are holding up mirrors. In my case, I faced my issues because my connection to him held me captive until I did. There were also lessons that I was supposed to learn. And once I learned those lessons, the chains that energetically bound me to him dissolved.

If you are in the midst of a Twin Flame connection, and you are experiencing signs, use them as a learning tool. Every time you see his/her name or a sign pointing you to them, think “What do I need to change about myself? What is the universe trying to help me heal?” The one mistake you need not to make is to think that these signs are a premonition of what’s to come in the future for you and your twin. I wasted months into years thinking my love would come back to me because of all the signs, and he never did. It was one of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn:  As much as we don’t want to believe it, sometimes we love our soul mates more than they love us.

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Yesterday, as I was getting out of my car, carrying all my groceries to the back door of my apartment, I noticed a single swan sitting on a piece of ice on top of the Charles River. I stopped to gaze at him, because he was so beautiful. He was at peace, and he wasn’t frightened by my presence. He was just out on the ice, chillin’.

About a year before, I had been lucky enough to see two swans swimming in the river. At the time, I felt as if it was some sign about my twin flame and me. Swans pair up for life. During our separation between my twin and me, I had always thought we would able to reconcile and get back together. We should have been like those swans, but we weren’t. My fairy tale did not end with him.

When I came across the swan yesterday, I noticed that he wasn’t with a partner. He was by himself. I looked to see if his mate was around, but she was not there. I told my mom that I had seen one swan, and she said “Swans mate for life. Something must have happened to the other swan.” To think that something tragic had happened to his swan love made me sad, but it also helped me recognize a lovely message from Spirit.

Even though the swan was no longer with his partner, he was okay. He was still living, and seemed perfectly content on the ice, basking in the late afternoon rays of sunshine. Life goes on. The world continues to spin, regardless if he is with her or not. Being without your twin is not the end of the world. You can find true happiness being apart from a person you loved the most. The swans were on a journey together, and now one has taken on that journey by himself. I am that swan. And in some regards, my life is better because of it.

Update: The next day, the same swan was back on the ice, but this time he was with his swan wife. It gave me hope that I would find my own special swan someday with whom I could spend my life.

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Twin Flames meet to heal and transform each other. That is their only purpose. The universe doesn’t care if you have a romantic relationship with each other. You are contracted to meet. What you do with that meeting is between you and your twin. Through free will, each is given the choice to heal or not. Some may choose to stay despite the rollercoaster of emotions and intense love and heal. Some may choose to run away and never come back and not heal.

In the case of my twin, he closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to see. That was the message given to me by Spirit. I desperately wanted to heal his wounded soul, but he didn’t want that. Healing his emotional karma meant that he would have to do introspection and inner work, and he chose not to. His life consists of parties and friends; he engages in anything that will distract him from having to look at himself.

Once we separated, he built a wall between us, so he would be able to block me out forever. And it worked. After a few attempts over the past two years on my part to communicate with him, he ignored me. The rejection almost killed me.

Through his rejection of me, I was pushed into the depths of my soul to face my deepest, most painful issues. I was forced to look within and fix the broken pieces of myself. I spent what seemed like an eternity healing my emotional/karmic wounds. I thought the process would never end.

I grew increasingly more depressed and anxious, trying to repair all the damaged parts of myself, with the hopes that through my healing, my twin would heal himself and we would get back together. It never happened. And it will most likely never happen in this lifetime.

I have finally come to a point where I am completely content with that thought. He has chosen his path, and all I can do is to respect his choice. I have chosen my path as well. He wouldn’t be happy with the type of deep love that I wish to have with a man. And I wouldn’t be happy with the type of surface love that he seeks. He is too damaged to truly love somebody. I am healed and ready to love with every cell of my being. Our paths are different.

I see the type of woman he has chosen as a girlfriend, and it’s made me realize who he is. It was the one thing I had never been able to see in the situation. With Twin Flames, you fall in love with their souls first. I loved his soul, and because of that I assumed I knew the type of person he was. I was under the impression, he was authentic, but he was the furthest thing from that.

He tries to be everything he’s not, because he is too wounded to be his true self. Hurt people are frightened to show people who they truly are. He hides his emotions and wears “masks.” For a brief moment in time, he showed me his true self, but it was fleeting. And once he hid it again, I desperately tried to bring it back, but he wouldn’t allow it. That was the beginning of the end for us.

During our fight, I called him out on it. I told him he that he was full of shit, and he tried to pretend he didn’t have feelings for me when he did. I basically said he tried to be somebody he was not so he wouldn’t have to be himself. This is what Twin Flames do to each other: they stir up the shit. They try to make each other see what needs to be fixed. I was basically holding up a mirror to him, saying “You need to fix this about yourself.”

There were mistakes I made that night, and I have forgiven myself. Flying off the handle is never the way to deal with a situation. Pushing somebody to be their authentic selves, or even pushing them to heal themselves is never the solution.

The experience made me learn many lessons about myself, as well as dealing with other people. You can’t make somebody do something they don’t want to do. He did not want to heal. And he didn’t want to give me a chance to help him heal. His soul had made a choice. There was no changing that.

I am sick of reading post after post on Twin Flame relationships, where the twin is pining after the other for years and years, and there is no talk of anything new. Where are the stories about how the twins never came back together, but they found happiness with other people? Does it ever happen? Nobody knows, because nobody ever writes about new relationships. By what I’ve gathered from reading stories online, apparently, you meet your twin, and if it doesn’t work out, you’re screwed, doomed to be alone for the rest of your life. That’s far from the truth, but by the lack of information on the internet, that’s what would they would lead you to believe.

Blog after blog, article after article, it’s the same bullshit: Somebody met their twin; it was love at first sight. Everything was heaven on earth, but then something happened and they split apart. Now one of the twins is in complete agony from the separation and the other one is living life, having romantic relationships, totally unaffected. Sound familiar?

From what I’ve seen, and I’ve read everything there is on Twin Flames, the internet is inundated with only the romantic elements of the Twin Flame journey without any of the reality. Nobody ever mentions getting back together after a Twin Flame separation. And nobody discusses new relationships. So what, you just crawl into a ball after you separate from your twin and die alone?? All the stayers turn into buy Lyrica 50 mg, waiting for a phone that will never ring, or the return of a twin that will never happen? Give me a fucking break.

Part of the reason why this connection is so difficult, is because there is so little comfort or information available. It seems as if every Twin Flame blog I go to, is just a bunch of copied and pasted crap from somewhere else. Nobody has anything new to say about it. It leads me to believe that the people who are writing about this specific connection have no clue what they’re talking about; or they have never experienced the phenomenon but are trying to to make money by writing about it or by advertising their “Twin Flame” readings.

Let me tell you one thing about “Twin Flame” readings, Spirit will only give you the information they want you to know at that time. In the midst of one of these connections, it’s best to look within for the answers, or connect with a Reiki or shamanic healer to guide you and heal your energetic blockages along the way.

During this particular journey: Tarot readings are not the answer. I love tarot cards, but these connections go too deep for you to be able to get a good reading. The energy between the twins fluctuates so much and so sporadically that your readings will never be entirely accurate. Trust me on this one. I tried reading for myself, as well as getting tarot readings by one of the best psychics in my city for two years, and there were many times, both of us got it wrong.

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Maura has saved my life many times during this incredibly heart-wrenching process. She was the one who was able to clear out the last of the negative energy and pain that I had been holding on to since the end of 2011. She is available for distance healing if any of you are looking for a healer who can help them. I highly recommend an intuitive healing session with her. My life would never be the same without her. If you are unable to book an appointment with her, seek out a Reiki healer. It is one of the best decisions I ever made during my spiritual journey.

If you are going through a Twin Flame or soul mate connection and you have questions about the journey, please feel free to contact me through this blog. I will be happy to talk to you about your specific situation and give you some guidance. Love yourself and be kind to yourself.

The one line that I have said to myself to help me heal the past and let it go is:
“I did the best I could being the person I was at that time.”

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Mercury Retrograde is here! This happens every three to four times a year, and you always hear people bitching about it. So let me explain what exactly is Mercury Retrograde: This is when the planet, Mercury, slows down. And because it slows down, it appears from Earth to be moving backwards. Mercury is also the planet of communication, so when this takes place, it affects communication of all sorts: telephone, e-mail, mail, and even verbal communication with each other!

You may have misunderstandings with people during this time because the communication flow is not where it should be. You got ILL COMMUNICATION. You can blame this on Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury was a Roman god who represented messages, financial commerce, and thieves. During a retrograde period, you may receive a letter alerting you that your credit card has been compromised. Financial fraud may happen during this period.

This is not a good time to start anything new, sign any contracts, buy electronics, or travel. During a retrograde period, it’s best to look back and reflect. If there is something in your life that you need to finish up, now is the time to do it. If you’re having issues with a person, and you need to end the relationship, this is when you should do it. If you haven’t seen somebody in a while, and they’re on your mind, call them to meet up. It’s an excellent time to reconnect with old friends.

The best way to deal with Mercury Retrograde is to have patience, slow down, and unwind. Just know that you are going to come across annoying mix-ups and that your daily routine might be interrupted by stupidity. For example, for the past week, I’ve been receiving mail for other people. I have several pieces of mail addressed to either my neighbors or others who supposedly live at my address.

Meditate, do yoga, read a book, take a hot bath, light some scented candles, or listen to music. Do whatever you need to do to relax. You may feel like a hermit. That’s okay. Take some time for yourself. Eat healthy, take vitamins, and get lots of sleep. As Mercury slows down, you may feel the need to do so as well. Don’t worry. Just go with the flow.

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Since the New Moon is approaching (January 30), I created a spell to manifest a romantic soulmate. This is a spell for somebody who is serious about meeting a life partner. If you have any baggage or emotional issues from a past relationship, I highly recommend not doing this particular spell. Cast this spell when the timing feels right. If you have issues, work on yourself first.

Manifesting a soulmate is no joke. Make sure you know what you’re asking for because meeting a soulmate will rock your world. You are asking the Universe to send you a soul connection. This is somebody with whom you have shared past lives.

It is one of the deepest connections you can have with a person, because you have met them many times before in previous lifetimes. You will trigger each other’s issues; you will help each other grow. However, personal growth is not all hearts and roses: In fact, growth can be quite painful at times. One has to understand how soulmate love has been romanticized, losing its true meaning over the years. This is a spiritual connection first, a romantic relationship second.

If you’re not ready to love, if you’re not ready to be loved, and if you don’t love yourself, meeting a soulmate can be hell on earth. This is a spell for people who are truly ready for a loving relationship.

What you will need:
2 red candles
1 pink candle
2 peacock feathers
1 chunk of raw rose quartz (the bigger, the better)
rose oil
lavender incense
sea salt

Before you cast the spell
The first step is washing your hands with sea salt and water. As you scrub the salt on to your hands, envision cleansing yourself of any pain from past relationships. You are wiping the slate clean for new love to enter your life. Rinse your hands.

Next, you will take a few drops of rose oil and anoint the candles. To anoint a candle, you will be starting from the center and working up. Once half the candle is anointed with oil, you finish coating the bottom half by starting in the center and working down. As you do this, think of you filling the candle with love. You can even say “I am filling this candle with the love of the Universe.”

Now, you will light the lavender incense to cleanse the space in which you will be casting your spell. Think of the smoke clearing away all the negative energy. It’s a way of “cleaning house” before your spell.

Write down your prayer of intention. These are words you are going to say out loud as you cast your spell. Be clear. I cannot stress this enough. There is a saying: “Be careful what you wish for.” You are basically wishing during a spell. Make sure you cover all the bases. Saying you want a relationship could mean many things. You may meet somebody and become friends with them only, because you didn’t specify what type of relationship you wanted. The Universe is funny that way. It takes your words literally.

Tell the Universe what you are seeking in a partner. Go into as much detail as you want about this soulmate. Word it in the “present” tense, as if you are already with this person. For example, instead of saying “I want a loving relationship”, say “I am in a loving relationship.” Tell the Universe what type of relationship you have with this soulmate. Visualize it in your head to help you.

Casting your spell
Take a few deep breaths. Center yourself. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, meditate for a few minutes. Envision your ritual space in the middle of a circle. The circle is protected from all energy except who what type of energy you choose to invite in. Say out loud “Archangel Michael and all the Archangels, please keep my circle protected. May only the highest of Love, Light, and Wisdom enter my circle.” Lyrica tablets buy online. This is the method I use when casting mine.

You will now call in any where can i buy Lyrica tablets into your circle. I personally believe in God, so I call in “God.” However, you may feel more comfortable calling in “gods or goddesses” or other “buy Lyrica 150 mg online.” Whomever you pray to, is who you will invite into your circle. I also invite in my Angels and Spirit Guides of Love and Light.

Position your candles. The first red candle represents you. The second red candle represents your soulmate. You are going to face these across from each other. Place the pink candle in the middle. The pink candle represents LOVE. This is the love that you two will have together in your relationship.

Now, take the chunk of rose quartz and place it next to the pink candle. The rose quartz will raise the power of the spell. Rose quartz attracts love. Next, you will place your two peacock feathers next to the candles. One feather represents you. The other represents your soulmate. Peacock feathers are used in magick, because the “eye” on the feather symbolizes the “buy Lyrica online cheap.” It’s also known as your brow or sixth chakra. The third eye sees everything. It sees what your normal eyes do not. Think of you and your soulmate opening your “eyes” to find each other.

Say your prayer of intention out loud. You may chant it once, or as many times as you see fit. It’s your personal preference. This is your spell. Make it whatever you want it to be. At the end of your prayer of intention, say “Please bring this soulmate to me as long as Free Will allows. So mote it be.” Then light the candles and burn them all the way down.

Once you light the candles, it will be time to close down your circle. Thank all the deities, Angels, and Spirit Guides whom you have invited into your circle. Then ask them to leave your circle, as the spell has been cast, and the circle must be closed.

Keep your candles lit until they burn down on their own. Be safe. If you need to leave the house or go to bed, snuff out the candles, do not blow them out. Fire safety is a priority. It will not affect the power of the spell if you have to snuff them out and re-light them later. As long as you burn down the candles, the spell will be effective.

Once the spell is cast, do not think about it. Let the Universe do its work. Enjoy your life. Have faith. Let life happen. Don’t try to hold on too tightly to how it happens. Trust that everything will work out for the highest good.

I cast mine this past weekend, and this is what it looked like. I added some tarot cards to the spell, but it’s not required. Do whatever comes naturally. If there is something you think you should add to the ritual, by all means, do it! The key to spellwork is adding elements that will help you envision your desire happening. It’s similar to a vision board in that regard.

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“Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.” ~ Patti Smith

Since we are now in Capricorn, I wanted to take some time and talk about The Devil card. The Devil card corresponds to Capricorn, which is an earth sign in astrology. The Devil card gets a bad rap. People see it as a dark, evil card, but for a second, let’s look at the brighter side of this card.

This card represents Pan, the Greek God, who was the god of shepherds and flocks. He is depicted as part man, part goat. He dances, plays his pipe, and frolics with nymphs. He stands for our basest instincts.

In the Thoth, The Devil card has a sexual connotation. If you look closely at the imagery, you can see a phallus and testicles. The figures you see inside the testicles, can be many things. But in a positive light, I see them as our ideas. The Devil card to me represents intentions or the seeds you plant during the course of a year. It symbolizes our thoughts, creativity, and the desires of our flesh and souls.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to plant these seeds, to motivate ourselves, and to follow our natural instincts. The Devil card does not judge: Desire is desire, whether it’s a positive or negative one. And lust comes in many forms. Sometimes the passion we feel toward somebody or something leads us to satiety. Sometimes it leads us to destruction. The Devil card is telling us we must take that chance to truly experience life.

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This December Full Moon aka “The Cold Moon” will appear on Tuesday, December 17, in the sign of Gemini. Since Gemini is the sign of duality or the “twins”, we can manifest two desires at once. The best thing we can do during this Full Moon is meditate, center ourselves, and write down two items we wish to manifest in the new year.

order LyricaYou need to be clear when setting the intentions. If you want a relationship in 2014, write down “I am in a loving, romantic relationship.” If you wish for more money in the new year, you will write “I have an abundance of money.” Write out the intention as if you already have it.

I enjoy casting spells and setting intentions during full moons, because the energy is especially powerful. Intuitively, I feel as if this particular Full Moon has a lot of oomph and yummy energy. If you wish to boost the energy of your manifesting, I would suggest buying two candles: one for each goal you wish to manifest.

I personally love candles and think they can be quite effective for sending out the energy of what we want into the Universe. The Universe is listening. We just have to know how to tell it what we desire: This is the key to manifesting wonderful things.

Choose two candles to represent the two intentions. For example, if I want abundance in 2014, I’ll burn a green candle. If I want more passion and energy in my life, I’ll burn a red candle. If I’m seeking love, I’ll burn a pink candle. order Lyrica online They can be any size candle. For this, two votives would work fine.
Read off your two intentions out loud and light the candles. Burn them all the way down. If you have to go to sleep or leave the house, you can either put them in the sink to burn or order Lyrica from canada
Take the slip of paper where you wrote the intentions and place it underneath your mattress. Good luck and happy manifesting for the new year!

What do you wish to manifest in your life for 2014?

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“It’s dark because you are trying too hard.
Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.
Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.
Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.

I was so preposterously serious in those days, such a humorless little prig.
Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me.

When it comes to dying even. Nothing ponderous, or portentous, or emphatic.
No rhetoric, no tremolos,
no self conscious persona putting on its celebrated imitation of Christ or Little Nell.
And of course, no theology, no metaphysics.

Just the fact of dying and the fact of the clear light.

So throw away your baggage and go forward.
There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet,
trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair.
That’s why you must walk so lightly.
Lightly my darling,
on tiptoes and no luggage,
not even a sponge bag,
completely unencumbered.”
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In the tarot, the Death card represents endings, but it also refers to transformation as well. With the death of something (not necessarily an actual death) comes change. Transformation begins when a piece of ourselves die. It’s not necessarily a negative process. It can be challenging at times, but growing is never easy, especially when we fight it.

Fall is here in New England, and the leaves have changed from various shades of green to a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. Transformation has taken place. So how fitting that the Death card is represented by the astrological sign, Scorpio, which is October 23-November 21.

We are quickly approaching the end of the year, and Scorpio asks us “What don’t you like about yourself? What parts of your life are creating unhappiness? What needs to change before the new year?” Change is the keyword. Scorpio is notorious for change, whether you want it to happen or not. Sometimes Scorpio doesn’t give you a choice. This is why you’ll see break-ups around this time of year: People are shedding the parts of their lives that are no longer working.

Earlier in the year, I received the Death card in a tarot reading. The intuitive excitedly exclaimed “This is where you turn into a Fairy Princess!” At the time, I was simmering in my own misery, heartbroken, and missing the soul mate that I was separated from. She told me that this was a major transformation for me. And it was, but at the time I couldn’t see it. She said “It will make sense to you someday, and you will completely understand why it happened to you.”

As I transformed, my eyes opened more and more, and with each passing day, I began to realize the purpose of the change within myself. For six months, I had been in a cocoon, healing myself, slowly metamorphosing into a strong, balanced woman, a QUEEN. Transformation is about becoming something you’ve always dreamed you could be. From caterpillars to butterflies.

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During this spiritual transformation, I have been forced to learn some hard lessons. One of those lessons is that I can’t control the future. I can’t control my romantic future. As much as I love my soul connection, I have no control over our future together. We could reconnect, or we could never. I can’t control ANYTHING. I can only live in the present, and let life flow as it’s meant to. The Universe has the reins to our lives.

You can’t plan out your life. It’s impossible. There are so many factors, so many little choices that lead to big choices, destiny and free will intertwine, and the energy of the Universe pushes us into experiencing so many different things to shape our soul. Our lives create soul growth. With each passing lifetime, we experience more soul development.

Spirit does not want to reveal our future to us. Even when you have a tarot reading or see an intuitive, they are only given glimpses of “possible future outcomes.” Nothing is set in stone. You are not meant to know everything that will happen to you. You are meant to experience life as it comes. The more you try to control your future, the unhappier you will be.

Nothing will ever happen soon enough for your liking. You will stop living for the moment and only live for the future. That is no way to live. Life is a beautiful journey. You have to enjoy each day as it comes. You have to experience the joy in not knowing. You have to trust that the Universe is creating a Divine life for you, and the more you trust, the more at peace you will be.

The key to life is finding the balance, finding the serenity, finding the true happiness within your SELF. It is not looking through a crystal ball trying to see what your life WILL be, it is living your life and letting things happen as they happen.

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One of my favorite tarot cards is The Star. A few months ago, I took a tarot class with a highly esteemed intuitive who had been reading cards for years and years. She said that The Star is one of the most optimistic cards in the deck. It’s a sign of hope, that if bad things are happening now, good things will be coming in the near future. This card is about “wishing upon a star.” What are your hopes and dreams? Where will the future take you?

I also see this representing a person’s spirituality. This is about opening yourself up to the spiritual world and the Light. It’s about seeing the beauty of the world around you and always knowing that whatever chaos is taking place in your daily life will soon be replaced by something better. With chaos, comes change. The rain must fall before a rainbow appears. The darkness must cover the sky before a star appears.
The Star is HOPE. When you receive this card in a reading, you can be sure that life will be changing for the better. It’s a beautiful card symbolizing that the world is truly yours. It all depends on what you do with it.

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The Summer Solstice signals the halfway point in the year where we need to plant the seeds of our future. It’s about fertilizing the soil and watching our lives blossom before us. It’s a beautiful time of opportunity and letting our futures unfold before us like a wondrous fairy tale.

It’s the beginning of summer, a time to enjoy ourselves and experience life to the fullest. We need to welcome more joy and abundance into our daily lives, and enjoy each moment as it comes to us. We get so bogged down in trying to rehash the past and control the future that we don’t experience the NOW as it should be – as it’s meant to be.

We need to focus on the thoughts, ideas, and interests that make us happy and less on the negative thinking that only makes us feel bad and serves no purpose. Think of the summer as a mystical golden goddess. What is it that you want to ask the goddess for? What would make your life better? What would bring you more happiness?