Awakened Queen Spellwork Agreement

Awakened Queen Spellwork Agreement

​Thank you for contracting me to do spell work on your behalf. Please carefully read the following and submit the form at the bottom of this page. Sending this to me notifies me that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the services that I am offering.

This agreement covers general spellwork to be performed for you. When you contract me to do magic on your behalf, I will select the optimal day to begin the work based on traditional spiritual wisdom; this may be up to 14 days from the time of your order.

After the initial booking, you can expect a detailed candle report, including photos, within 60 days. 


 No refunds are given on spellwork that has been contracted unless Monique fails to deliver goods or services in a timely manner according to the time-frame described above.

By submitting the Awakened Queen Spellwork Agreement below, you are indicating that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a rootworker to perform magic on your behalf as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues. You are also acknowledging that you have a basic understanding of magic and how it works.

While Monique is a highly skilled magical worker, due to the free will of the client and actions that they may take to block or disturb the magical work being done, she can make no guarantees that the work will result in a successful outcome. You also acknowledge that Rootwork and Spellwork are not a substitute for professional legal or healthcare advice.

Thank you for contracting me to do work on your behalf.