About Monique



My name is Monique. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Tarot Reader with over 10 years experience, and a Shamballa Reiki Master.  I offer Intuitive Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Manifesting Sessions, and Spellwork Services.

In 2011, after meeting separating from my Twin Flame/spiritual catalyst, it triggered a spiritual awakening. The awakening changed my life and the way I viewed myself and the world. It was a blessing and a curse at times. But in the end, it led me to my bliss. It transformed me into the Queen I was always meant to be. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I let go of who I used to be and became the woman I had only dreamed I could be.

I created Awakened Queen so I could share my experiences via my blog, as well as help people who are dealing with issues such as kundalini awakenings, meeting soul connections, or tapping into their spiritual gifts. I am here to educate people and coach them through their spiritual journeys, as well as empower them. My ultimate goal is to help people discover their joy and live their best lives.




I had an incredible relationship reading with Ambrielle. I was truly blown away by everything she said. She was able to read the energy our our relationship and tell me how to work through the obstacles that were preventing us from being together. Everything she told me made sense. She seemed to understand our relationship dynamic and told me exactly what I needed to do to make things better in our relationship for it to work. My girlfriend and I had been on and off for about a year. Ambrielle helped me understand how we would come together once and for all. We’ve been in a serious, committed relationship ever since. Things between us have never been better. I am grateful for Ambrielle and her psychic abilities. She brought us back together.

Gabriel Will My Ex Come Back Reading with Ambrielle 03/30/2017

Absolutely loved this mini reading I received! I felt the answer I received was exactly on point! For me to feel like that with only being able to ask one question–I know that I will be looking into a more in-depth readings and most definitely more than once!!! Definitely worth your time to seek readings from these ladies!

Betty Short and Sweet Reading with Monique 03/30/2017