me, too

Written by Jasmine Jones

me, too.

let me start off by saying i’ve seen many beautiful courageous women and men talk about their experiences but i never wanted to share mine because i hate the feeling of pity.  i’ve felt it every time i tell a person one of my mother passed away for the last 14 years. i’ll often go along with the conversation when people ask about my parents, assuming both are still living, because i hate the look of embarrassment and pain people give me when i tell them i only have one.

i’ve only told this story to two people but i feel like this needs to be shared. because many women have been in my same position. and this may reach the right person that needs to see it.

hyperaggressive dawg. 30’s. abuser.

i still remember the feeling of shame, guilt, disgust and drunkenness as I drove home. as ive gotten older ive become more mature and aware of the dangers of drunk driving and how dangerous it was for me to drive in that state. but in that moment i knew i needed to get away. for my sanity. for my safety.

i still remember my weekend routine. get dressed up, meet up with friends, get numbers and delete them the next day. rarely would i respond to men the next day asking for dates and the opportunity to “get to know each other.” but this guy seemed pretty nice, pretty established. and my early 20’s self wanted to find a man who had his life together because i just knew i was ready to settle down (spoiler alert: im still not there yet).

i agreed to hang out with this guy and watch the game because my favorite team was playing. he took me to the liquor store and let me pick what i wanted, which i thought was pretty nice. we watched the game and took a few shots and i told him i was ready to leave because it was getting late. he all but forced me to stay and drink more in order to leave. as i look back i want to cry because i can still remember the sense of fear i felt. he was a pretty big guy and i am all of 5’3, 120 pounds on a good day.

i drank more until he felt satisfied. i still remember his clammy hands dragging me to his room. his nasty ass fat ass sweaty ass body all over me. i was distraught, disgusted, and unable to move. these are the things we weren’t taught about in school. my fight or flight was impaired. once he was satisfied i left. leaving the door unlocked i prayed someone put him out of his misery. so no other woman would feel the sickening feeling i felt.

i remember blaming myself for the situation. after all i was the one that willingly went to his place. i was the one that picked out the bottle. i was the one that drank. (its not like he put a gun to my head. right?) i blocked his number after several texts of him asking, begging me to come back over. i never was able to tell him how he made me feel.

a few years go by and a friend and i go to an event his group was having. i thought “surely he wont be here. he’s way too old, hell im too old, to be out here. but of course, i look up and see him. i try to explain it to my friend and let her know im uncomfortable and want to leave. she’s enjoying herself and asks why. i say, in the most silent voice possible, “the guy that raped me is here and im ready to go now.” she repeats what i say in an annoyed, loud tone and i suddenly feel that shame hurt and disgust. hearing someone else say it honestly makes you feel like shit.

growing up, i never thought i would be that person that had to deal with the feeling of seeing their attacker. i was always stunned and felt pain for the victim of movies or tv shows but i never knew i would be that person. but at 25, this was the second time i was faced with that same pain. the second time i felt like my campus, my safe space, was violated. the second time i reminded myself that i had to keep that same cheery smile and excited attitude while looking and watching to make sure the person that hurt me wasn’t nearby.

want to go back to that 18 year old, that 23 year old, and tell her that its okay. tell her to speak up. and tell her that she doesn’t have to blame herself. but to anyone reading this and feeling the same way i felt: its okay, speak up when you are comfortable, and never, ever blame yourself. and to quote a beautiful line from outkast “hold on, be strong.”

Yesterday She Cried

Written By Akemi

She let her tears run away with her imagination, picking up her old problems on their way to a final snot drenched resting place.

See, these tears that pour out fast, the ones you can’t blink back aren’t the kind you run away from. They’re the kind you look forward to after an extremely long day, or a long explanation that doesn’t take the sting away from the breaking feeling in your chest.

It’s relief. It’s the river you row that empties out at peace. You cry, you writhe, you heave, you sweat & spit… spill over your perfectly manicured edges… let yourself be… messy.

Then, once you’ve fallen apart at the seams & you’re in a puddle on the living room floor, something happens. You look around, up at the ceiling, down at yourself &… things don’t seem so bad.

Yesterday, she cried that cry. Today she’s back to conquering the world.

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Written by Samantha Rose


waves in my brain
crash against the edge
of my skull
a dimming lull


sometimes i recall
the way you say
my name
i think
about steamed breath
flooding my ears


lips graze
thinnest part of me
journey beneath
ear to collar
tiny mountains rise
soft residence
sensual simplicity
sends electricity


at the edge
of our ecstasy
our shadows wait
to greet us


i’m here to feel
your flesh
merge with mine
true awakening


i don’t know you yet
i feel your sweat
fill each of my pores
hot anticipation

–  soulmate(s)

i accept death.
decayed fingers grip my throat,
wrap tight and slow
like the boa constrictor.

i ache for rebirth.
stuck holding on
for some reason.
i’ve become one
with vines,
rusted wires.

i want to live
for you
at times
feels like breaking
bones that choke me.

love should be easy.
i don’t think it’s that
i don’t love you,
but that i do.

– let go

i am in love with the life on this earth,
i am in love with the dirt,
i am in love with all of the venus-in-aries flirts.

the more that i come home to myself,
the more i wallow in my worth,
even more love is then birthed.

bliss pours
through me
hot body parts
i feel it in my bones
building up

i find myself soaking and seeking
only that which lives
inside me

– sex magic will heal the earth

Samantha Rose is the author of two books of poetry, most recently, 
L’ACQUA. Her writing has been featured in The Occulum, The Milk Thistle, ILY Mag, and more. She is also the Creatress in Chief of Pussy Magic. For more, visit



Written By Demetra De’Vine Davis

I put my hand out to feel the warmth of your skin.

smiling because you’re there

rolling over to peek at you before succumbing to sleep

Our eyes meet

Are we thinking the same thing?


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Written By Indigo Blackbird

I’m really not impressed by material or possessions like most of my peers. I mean of course we value them because they are tangible items that we have collectively given meaning to. But I feel that it’s truly hard to love me when you are worrying about getting me things, or what will please me when what I truly value is your existence in my life. Seeing you struggle or go out of your way to gift me things can sometimes take away from your long terms goals and I understand that. We can acquire all that we want together if we come to that decision but it is not a need.

I understand you want things for yourself just as I do and I want to encourage you to pursue them even if that means I am not a part of the picture. Your best interest is my own and if you can’t take care of yourself I would not expect you to take care of me even if I know you would try your best. My love is far too unconditional. Relax…there’s no pressure just as long as we can openly communicate our boundaries we can still treat one another. Every once in a while a thoughtful gesture is practical but when you feel that someone is obligated to ‘give’ then your love becomes selfish instead of selfless.

Relationships are an endless flow or surrender/victory (compromise). Sometimes we forget that having a partner is about operating interdependently and it leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and rejection. If we can learn to experience each other as we are without fearing that we will fail to meet each others expectations, we can truly experience profound growth. Plus once you have accomplished your own missions/goals you have better means to contribute to your partner’s life in the way they truly deserve, as opposed to you taking them out every weekend but this is just me venting and reflecting on my own thoughts.

I’d rather just question our existences and stroll in the park, spill out our secret passions, go swimming, hiking, dancing, embrace you while you tell me the things you never wanted to admit, support you and your craft, etc. Just enjoy other. Be free together so that you can create the foundation for better health and wealth. But even if you fail, use that momentum to launch yourself into success. It is okay to fail. We all do. We all learned how to read, this post for example, but we had to practice… So keep practicing.

Putting in effort doesn’t stop because you have a title, that is where love becomes caged. Allow your emotions to guide you and don’t suppress them. Honor your feelings while being conscious of the world around you. The riches will come, so just keep dreaming and inspiring one another but most of all–yourself.

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La Petite Mort

Written By Jasmine Jones

Sheek. 34. Scammer Paterfamilias.

I met him while I was sitting in front of the infamous “Booty Wall” at the Quad. I was a 19-year-old freshman at Howard University and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. He pulled up in his ’97 Honda Accord thinking he was the shit. And I won’t lie, I thought the same.

He’d come pick me up every now and then and we’d ride around Maryland while he told me about his epic battles in his hometown New York. My Tennessean southern belle ass ate it all up too. Our nights would usually end with him passing out after about an hour of begging to “just put the tip in.” At this time I was a proud virgin, holding out for only the right one to come around.

I will never forget about the morning I literally saw Heaven’s Gates open. I was laying in his bed, which was in his mother’s basement. And I heard his mother call his name. I never met her but I could imagine she resembled Biggs’ aunt from Shottas because of the way she called his name. It was like that of a woman who spent too much of her life raising bad ass children with no father figure present just to see them become what their father was.

I literally felt the annoyance in her voice when she called his name. I laid there like “fuck. This woman gon’ come in here and beat my ass and his” but luckily he ran to greet her with a “Mommy I’m here.” I breathed a sigh of relief and rolled over, and I realized, this nigga had Power Rangers sheets. I knew then that I had gotten into some deep shit I didn’t want to be a part of. So I tried to pretend I was in a deep sleep when he came back. He knew I was faking and woke me up to kisses and fingers.

Now usually I would push him away but for some reason I felt that shit and was like “Fuck it, what do I have to lose?” I curled back and felt him inch in closer and closer. And the feeling that I usually felt would usually make me run to the bathroom because I swear I thought I was about to piss myself. But he kept going and I opened my eyes and looked up and saw a light shine through that basement ceiling. I let out my best “Breathe Again” Toni Braxton moans and let my body follow the light. My first orgasm, wrapped up in Power Rangers sheets, and holding a grown ass man who refused to grow up. It wasn’t the most romantic moment, but to quote a line from a beautiful Andre 3000 interlude “Fuck it. I liked that shit.”

Let’s Dance!


Written By Jameca McGhee

Have you ever tangoed before? It’s such a beautiful dance. You’re either the lead or you’re following. I love following because I like to get spun around, and throw my hands in the air. It’s such a romantic feeling. You can get carried away in letting yourself feel free. The exact opposite of what it feels like to be in a relationship to many people, myself included.

I’m naturally very private. I don’t like to open up, you have to pry information out of me. Once I’m very, VERY comfortable with you, I’ll let you in. Some people are open and will tell you their life story within 5 minutes of meeting you. I always find an escape route immediately when I meet a “sharer.”

I’m also an empath, meaning I feel things very deeply. Including energy that other people give off. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate my own energy from the energy I’m attracting. I end up feeling drained and frustrated. I’ve learned over the years how to balance this by working on my chakras.

If you’re not familiar with your chakras, chile, wyd? From the 3rd eye up, I’m goodt! Those lower chakras get me every time. I always start with the root, because that’s my biggest struggle. Then I work my way up to the throat, and eventually to the crown. The chakra I’m most focused on now is the sacral, which focuses on creativity, sexuality/sensuality, and feelings. I’ve learned that empaths feel through their “gut,” hence the term gut feeling.

I’ve been taking belly dancing classes to get in touch with my sacral chakra. I would recommend anyone wanting to get in touch with their femininity to take belly dancing classes, especially women who’ve recently given birth, and trans women. I’ve learned to let down my guard with myself, which is honestly what’s most important. I allow myself to feel. I look at myself in the mirror while I’m dancing and I smile, usually thinking, damn I look goodt!

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Myths and the Truths of the Twin Flame Reunion

Written  By Monique Colette

Twin Flame Reunion

A twin flame is best described as a spiritual connection between two souls. Each twin has their own set of lessons and karma they must face. A twin flame reunion is Divinely orchestrated. This sacred meeting cannot be forced or manifested. It happens when it happens, and it may not happen in this lifetime. You will meet your twin flame when it is the right time for you both. A spiritual relationship can be challenging and may bring up wounds in each partner. There is nothing light and fluffy about these connections. However, each Divine connection is unique. It depends on the energy, lessons, and karma for each twin.


  1. Not all twins meet and stay together:  This may not be the lifetime where they have a long-term relationship. They may have other soul contracts and karmic relationships that take priority of being together romantically.
  2. Not all twins separate then reunite:  Many times they separate because the energies don’t mesh, and they don’t come back together again in this lifetime.  It happens. Regardless of what you’ve read on other websites, it’s not the end of the world. Each can have rewarding relationships with soulmates and live joyous and fulfilling lives apart.
  3. Not all twin flame relationships are romantic: Some twins are more like family members and friends than lovers and partners. Some come together as business partners. Every twin flame connection is unique.
  4. If you don’t choose to be with your twin, you will be punished by the Universe or meant to suffer: No, that’s not how it works. If you or your twin choose not to be with the other, you will not be punished or forced to be alone for the rest of your lives. You each have the freedom to choose a romantic relationship. It may be too intense or painful for either of you. If it is, you have to do what’s best for you and your path. A twin flame relationship can be agonizing since it brings up so many subconscious wounds to the surface.
  5. If your twin doesn’t want to be with you, you will never be happy or in another relationship:  Hell to the no. Once you are open to it and ready, you will meet other soul connections/loving partners who will open up new worlds of love and appreciation. You will never forget your twin, but you will not pine for them or miss them romantically because you will be so fulfilled with self-love and the love of your partner. I have worked with many clients who thought they would never meet another partner after meeting their twin and they are now happily in love, living their best lives with their significant others. The fairy tale does not end after a twin flame relationship fails to launch.


  1. The twin flame connection is all about energy: If the energy of you two combined is balanced, the relationship will run smoothly. Everything will flow. There will be zero to few separations, and they will only be short-term. If the energy of the connection is unbalanced, one person’s energy is heavy (not grounded) and the other person’s is light (grounded), they will separate until the energy balances again.
  2. Reunion after separation is possible: Focus on your healing, opening your heart, balancing your chakras, grounding yourself, pouring love into yourself. Express gratitude with what you already have to attract more blessings into your life. Stop worrying what they’re doing. Be a little selfish. Pamper yourself. Stop stalking their social media. Stop reading about twin flames. Stop posting on twin flame message boards. Stop trying to figure it all out because you’ll drive yourself insane. Shut off your computer/phone. Take a walk. Smell the flowers. Hang out with your loved ones. DO YOU. Happiness and inner balance creates opportunity for reunion. BE HAPPY. When you are happy, you are vibrating in the energy of joy and love. That’s when amazing things happen. Stop waiting for reunion. Start living again.
  3. Very few people in your life are going to have any idea what you’re going through: Don’t try to explain your connection or try to convince them. It’s only going to cause you heartache and frustration. You don’t need anybody’s opinion on your relationship or the feelings you have for this person. Your family and friends are going to think you’re delusional when you tell them you’ve seen X’s name 20 times that day. Find a spiritual mentor to guide you, somebody you feel comfortable discussing personal things.
  4. This experience may make you feel like you’re going crazy: BALANCE YOUR ENERGY. Meditate, exercise, practice yoga, and create a daily spiritual ritual/practice for yourself so you can connect to Spirit. The more connected to the Divine you are, the more balanced and at peace you will feel. Spend time in nature. The earth connects and grounds us. If you are feeling anxious or out of sorts, place your hands on a tree, close your eyes and tune in. Feel that strong, steady energy of the tree rooting you to the ground. Take walks, hike, visit the ocean and dip your toes in the sand, or plant some flowers around your house. Keep yourself as balanced as possible because the energy of the connection can throw you off balance quickly.
  5. The only way through is forward:  Even when you are feeling your worst, you have to keep going. Power through. Do not think about the past. Keep moving on. The past has no hold on you. Let it go. Stay in the present. If you are separated from your twin flame, do not dwell on the separation or whatever led you to break up in the first place. Pick yourself up and tell yourself that life is going to get better. Work with the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you want. Visualize balance and healing. Envision a life of love and abundance. As the Great Gatsby says “My life has got to be like this. It’s got to keep going up.” And it will, if you allow it. You can manifest the life you desire. If you dwell on despair and disappointment, that is what the Universe will give you. If you focus your attention on what is going well in your life and all the blessings, you will attract more. Push forward, release the past, and imagine your perfect life. Write down everything you want in a journal. Be clear. Be specific. Then step back and allow the Universe to create this for you in the way that it needs to, not necessarily in the way you imagined. Let it do all the work.

If you are currently dealing with a twin flame connection and need help navigating it, book a Twin Flame Connection Reading or Energy Balancing Session with us here:

We are here to help you with whatever you are dealing with.  Find out if reconnection is possible or how you can move on. We can guide you in any situation, no matter how difficult and complex it may seem.

Tarot Reflections: Divine Love Relationship Advice


The Fool tells us to trust in the Universe’s plan. We must leap into our lives full force without fear or doubt. We might fail. But we will always be able to pick ourselves back up and try again. The Universe will always have our back. It will always save us. We have to LIVE and have fun and connect to our inner children and PLAY again. We cannot allow these connections to drag us down and keep us from living in a state of joy, as we are meant to. It’s all about new beginnings and giving into the energy of the connection. It’s time to leave our worries behind and let the Divine guide us. Spirit is there to help. We just need to let go first. As soon as we get out of its way, amazing things are possible.

The Universe brings the message that there are sacred karmic cycles that are taking place. We must accept them and do our best not to fight against them. They are set in place, turning like the gears of a clock, balancing everything in perfect timing. What may seem like a quiet period of our lives, behind the scenes, there could be many pieces of the puzzle configuring and finding their way to fit, interlocking with each other. Trust in the cycles. They serve a higher purpose. We may not understand them, but like the seasons that are constantly changing, they sweep away the old and bring in the new. Let the old leaves fall away so the new flowers have room to blossom.

The 2 of Disks is a reminder that these unions are rooted in balance. In this card, the snake creates two orbs, whole circles with its tail. This represents the infinity symbol. The more balanced and whole we are, the more we are at peace. We must remember that our Divine partner does not complete us. We are very much whole with or without them. Our energy is power. It can attract or repel depending on the equilibrium. Obsessive energy is connected to fear and unworthiness. When we obsess over somebody or something, it eludes us. We can never quite grasp it, and the more we chase it, the further away it becomes. Inner balance is the key to a healthy state of mind. In a Divine Union since we are connected by etheric cords, we are constantly exchanging energy with our partners. We must be mindful of the energy we are sending them. Sending them loving, joyful energy is much better than sending them pushy, obsessive, unhappy energy. When we are happy and balanced, they feel it too.


Tarot Reflections: Lust – Ace of Cups – Knight of Disks


Lust represents what we desire, our passions that run deep, our secrets, the things that make our our bodies and hearts light up with fire because we want them so badly. It is a soul yearning for something bigger than us. It is time to ask ourselves what we truly want and stop feeling ashamed of that desire. There is nothing wrong with giving into our soul’s desires. And yes, we deserve it. We are worthy of these things. Allow this want to be heard by the Universe. Speak it loudly.

The Ace of Cups is about emotional openness, a fresh energy, accepting new into our lives, and not being afraid of our emotional depths. It’s okay to allow people into our hearts. It’s a wonderful thing to be able accept love without fear. We are present and willing, open to the possibilities of new connections. Everything is better because we have let go of the past and the emotional weight that we had been carrying for so long. There is nothing holding us back anymore.

The Knight of Disks tells us that we are strong and balanced. We are ready to manifest amazing things because we are ready for them. From the fire of Lust and the water of the Ace of Cups, now here we are with the earth beneath our feet, to ground us. Everything is secure and safe. This is where we can build our empires, homes, and businesses, from this place of stability within us. The Knight never had to rush to get there. He took his time to reach his destination. He is now observing how far he’s come in his journey, feeling gratitude for everything he has accomplished.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Karma

Written By Tresmoongoddess

Everyone has heard of Karma before. This natural law has expanded beyond the beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism into Western culture. But, do our beliefs about what Karma is, actually align with the law that is practiced by its religion of origin? In this post I will discuss the misconceptions about Karma as well as the definition of what Karma is based on the Buddhists and Hindus.

So, let’s talk about what Karma is NOT!

Many people believe that Karma is some sort of retribution, an “eye for an eye” type of deal. You do something bad and in return something bad happens to you. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard, “She will get what’s coming to her!” or, “I’ll let Karma deal with it.” from people seemingly taking the high road in a situation when they have been wronged by someone. While Karma IS the result of someone’s actions, it doesn’t quite work that way.

Well Goddess, what IS Karma then?

I am glad that you asked! The word Karma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to the English word action, and is used by Eastern religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. The overall premise of Karma is one of cause and effect. Every action that you do will have an effect on your life in the future. So, yes, Karma is something that happens to you, but the most important part of Karma is not the action, but the WHY behind the action.

The WHY is often the part Western culture leaves off when thinking about Karma. But, the WHY is what causes Karma to happen in the first place. The WHY causes the effect in the cause and effect of Karma. Karma doesn’t just look at a person’s actions. It looks at the person’s intentions.

Let’s say someone robs a store. They aren’t going to be robbed in the future just because they did this crime. Karma looks at the reason that they robbed the store. Were they trying to feed their family and didn’t have the financial means, or, were they just doing it for some type of gang initiation? The person who did it trying to feed their family may actually have good Karma come to them because their intentions were good, whereas the person who did it for gang initiation may have bad Karma come to them because their intentions were bad.

The WHY in the law of Karma is why people who are seemingly horrible people and do really fucked up things never have bad things happen to them. It is also why people who are seemingly really good people may always be down on their luck. So, while Karma IS an action, it is NOT about someone’s actions, but rather their intentions.

Now that we know what Karma is, let’s talk about HOW Karma works.

Karma is not something instantaneous. A person’s Karma can take hours, days, months, years, or even lifetimes to occur. It really just depends on how out of balance a person is. The ultimate goal of Karma is to seek, restore, and maintain balance. This idea of balance is why a lot of Western culture believes that Karma is about “an eye for an eye”. But, that’s not how Karma maintains balance.

Think about Karma as a bank. People can accrue good debt such as a home that appreciates in value that can pay out later in life as it appreciates, or they can accrue bad debt such as credit card interest, and bank fees from over-drafting their accounts. The Karma bank either pays out the appreciation or collects the interest and fees. Some fees hit quick such as an overdraft fee and others may occur over a time period such as paying interests on a car loan. How big the fee is and how hard it is felt depends on how much money (good Karma) a person has saved in their account. Karma is constantly looking at the account of a person’s intentions to make sure that their account is balanced, and it pays out and collects as necessary.

I hope that this helps you to better understand what Karma is and how it works!

You can send me any  comments on Twitter at @tresmoongoddess 🙂



Who We Once Were: Past Lives Stories


Think of past lives like this: What if you had a dream that affected you so deeply that you carried its energy everywhere? What if you didn’t understand the dream or barely remembered it, yet there were secrets and lessons that lingered in your subconscious. Past lives are like dreams in that sense. In our past lives, we may have played different “roles.” We may have committed heinous acts. We may have loved deeply and lost in the most heartbreaking of ways. We may have killed our lovers, or they killed us. We may have been tortured and killed in the name of religion or war. These are the wounds we carry with us every day, whether we realize it or not. Our soul memories never go away.

As we delve into our past lives through meditation, dream work, shamanic journeying, or even past life regressions, we will discover energetic patterns and karmic lessons. Karma is not a punishment; it is not good or bad, it just is. It is a re-balancing system. In a past life, if a woman abandons her son, in the next lifetime, she will encounter him again, only in a romantic relationship. To balance the karma, he will abandon her. When this occurs, the karma is balanced, and the two people can go their separate ways. The entire purpose of their pairing was to balance the karma.

Past Life Experiences

In a past life, a beautiful woman was constantly harassed by men in the village. She was forced to marry a man who was a brute. She resented him, and feels trapped by this marriage. She blamed her looks and her body for catching his attention in the first place. She lived a miserable life where she felt imprisoned. Now skip to this lifetime: she is very heavy. She doesn’t understand why she’s so addicted to food. She is ashamed of her body and lack of willpower. She goes in for a past life regression, and discovers that she has carried the shame of being beautiful into this lifetime.

Beauty, to her, equates being trapped in a marriage by a horrible man. So she eats and gains weight to hide her looks. In her past life, she felt her beauty had been a curse. Subconsciously this past life affected her deeply. She was born with subconscious programming that her looks would only create problems for her. Once she discovers this through her past life regression, she is able to heal and break this pattern of overeating. She makes peace with this past life and moves forward. Past life regression therapy was the key to healing.

Balancing Karma

In another scenario, a man wonders why he fights with his wife so much. They can never seem to get along, and they have blow-up fights. Together, they’re like fire and gasoline. They’re on the brink of divorce when they decide to go for a past life regression. It is revealed to them that they have had many lifetimes together, and they have killed each other in quite a few of them. This is a wake-up call for them. They both understand what’s been causing so much unnecessary stress on the relationship, and they commit to each other and the relationship, agreeing that they will push through these uncomfortable feelings to find the love that’s been waiting for them for years.

Every lifetime holds a message, a lesson, and an opportunity for our souls to grow and evolve. Not all our problems are rooted in this lifetimes, and as humans we have to learn to accept our flaws and broken pieces. We must open ourselves up for healing and trust that Spirit will help us heal when we ask for it. Our soul wounds do not have to hinder us from having a life filled with love, joy, and peace. We can push through the discomfort these wounds may have triggered to find the waters of Divine healing waiting for us when we are ready to fully immerse ourselves in it.

How to Cleanse Your Spiritual Energy of Negative Entities


Written By Tresmoongoddess

About a month ago I received a message from the Spirit about spiritual attacks and protection. That on that evening there were to be no open glasses of water left at my bedside because they are open portals to allow entities into your home and into your dreams. I followed the guidance given to me and not only poured out my glass of water that I normally keep on my nightstand, but I informed my followers that they should do the same. That was the first warning that I had received that there is some sort of spiritual warfare going on in other dimensions.

Recently however, friends, clients, and family members have said that they have been the recipient of some type of spiritual attack.  This set off red flags to me that indicated that the message I had received a month ago was not an isolated incident, and that the spiritually vulnerable (empaths, mystics, mediums, etc) need to arm themselves with tools to combat these attacks.

What are spiritual attacks?

Spiritual attacks can be several different things. It’s not just being possessed by someone else’s spirit or a demon, which is often portrayed in movies. Yes, possession can be a form of spiritual attack. Especially if you did not invite or welcome that spirit or entity into your body. But there are several other types of ways that one can be spiritually attacked.

Here are the top 5 ways that someone can be attacked spiritually Please note that this is not a definitive list.

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is a person or entity that drains you of your energy. Simply being around them causes you to feel sluggish, tired, or agitated. They are constantly asking you to give of yourself, but they aren’t reciprocating. This is more than just an annoying family member or friend who is constantly asking for things and getting on your nerves. This is an actual drainage of your life force.

Energy vampires are often parasitic, low vibrational beings. They do not have energy strong enough to carry out their intentions, so they go around taking energy from others who are usually higher vibrational beings. Most energy vampires get addicted to the high of higher vibrating energy, and they become serial vampires, always feeding off of the energy of other beings.

Astral Projecting

Most members of the spiritual community would not consider astral projecting a form of spiritual attack. In fact, a lot of people within the community see it as a gift to be able to do so. After all, not everyone can mentally and spiritually leave their physical body and journey to other places and dimensions. But, astral projecting can be a form of spiritual attack when your spirit is being pulled from your physical body uncontrollably or against your will. It can also be a spiritual attack if you are sexually assaulted or raped while in the astral realm.

Hexes/Root Work/Curses


The easiest way to be attacked spiritually is to be on the receiving end of a hex. I am a firm believer that hexes are necessary in some instances. Especially if they are used to restore a balance of power or are used for the greater good of humanity. But, if you find that you are consistently on the receiving end of a hex then you may be under spiritual attack. The entity that is hexing you may be attempting to weaken you, distract you, or strip you of your powers.

The stripping or binding of powers is considered a hex, and as with any other type of hex it is sometimes necessary. But, when this happens to a light worker, healer, or an entity using their powers for the greater good, then it is a form of spiritual attack. The binding and stripping of powers cannot be done by a single entity. It usually requires a sizeable number of entities working together for it to be done successfully.



Everyone has seen a horror film where some poor unsuspecting person has been possessed by a demon. Yes, this can happen in real life, but this is not usually the case among members of the spiritual community. We are usually too powerful to be susceptible to low level demons who are in search of a host. But, as we open ourselves up to receive messages from other entities such as guides, ancestors, and gods/goddesses, we open ourselves up to be possessed by negative entities as well. When this happens, then this is a form of spiritual attack.

Attacks during Dreaming/Daydreaming


Almost everyone is capable of dreaming and/or daydreaming. This is your mind’s way of revealing to you things that are in your subconscious. Dreaming is good. Even nightmares are good because they reveal to you areas that you need to work on. But, in your dream state is when you are most vulnerable to be attacked as your conscious is unable to protect you. Your subconscious will try several things to defend itself during a spiritual attack, but ultimately the only way to end it is to wake up.

Spiritual attacks during your dream state can be the inability to wake yourself up from a dream. It can also feel like your mind has been hijacked and you are no longer in control. You may dream about battling a negative entity because your subconscious really did go to battle in your sleep. You may also wake up and feel tired or drained because you have been siphoned of your energy in your sleep.

How do I protect myself from spiritual attacks?

There are several different methods of protection that can be used to keep your spirit safe from spiritual warfare. The ones listed here are common generic protections. If none of these work for you, we can book an energy work session to get into more specific practices for you needs.

Spiritual Cleanses


You’ve experienced your first spiritual attack. Now what? The first thing that I would recommend that you do is cleanse your spirit and your aura. Remove any negative energy that is around you. Several tools can be used to achieve this.

White sage smudge sticks are a favorite go-to for removing negative energy. Another go-to is the use of Holy and/or Florida Water to cleanse negative energy. Both of these are used by spiritualists and non-spiritualists alike

Spiritual baths are another great way to do a spiritual cleanse. Adding epsom or pink himalayan sea salt to your bath along with sage, rosemary, chamomile frankincense, rosewood, and/or hibiscus to your water is a great spiritual cleanse that is grounding as well. To add an extra kick to this bath you can add crystals to your bath water. I will get into crystal usage later in this post. Make sure that you’re using tumbled stones only that are water safe!

Sit in the tub for at least 20 minutes, or until you feel the negative energy has been removed. Then bathe in castile soap, rinse off, and allow ALL of the water to go down the drain before exiting the tub. During the draining process order all negative entities down the drain. When you get out of the tub do not dry off as the salts are still working. Allow yourself to air dry and rest for at least 10 minutes.

If you do not have a bathtub or you don’t have time to sit in a tub of water then I highly recommend using Dr. Teal’s Detoxify and Energize Epsom Salt Body Wash in the shower. It has ginger and bentonite clay in addition to the epsom salt. Wash your body from head to toe. You can use your normal face routine but this is the only exemption. Don’t forget to wash your back. Don’t leave any part of your body unwashed. Also shampoo your hair.

For at least the first week after your spiritual attack you should bathe in castile soap or the epsom salt body wash. Just to make sure that you remove any residual energy. I would also recommend taking a spiritual bath at least twice a month during the New and Full moons. I know some people take them at every moon phase just as a preemptive measure.



Meditation is a time honored practice. It is used for everything from self-awareness to anxiety prevention. But, meditation is a key tool in preventing spiritual attacks. In meditation you can construct an impenetrable bubble of light energy around your aura. This keeps negative energy from being able to reach you.

In this meditation you’re going to sit in Lotus position, close your eyes, and steady your breath. You want to take slow deep breaths. While you are breathing, ground yourself by becoming aware of the feeling of your body on the floor and work your way up to the crown of your head. Once you reach your crown you want to open up your crown chakra and send out a bright white light. Allow this light to cascade all over you slowly surrounding your body and coming together under your bottom. Imagine that this light barrier does not allow energy in, but allows energy out.

This meditation may take some practice before you can form a complete bubble around you. As you get more proficient at it you will no longer need to sit in lotus position. You will be able to create this energy barrier in an instant’s notice, and you’ll even be able to project this barrier to create one around your loved ones.

Candle Magic


I am a big proponent of candle magic. Its one of  my favorite practices. Candles are very powerful magical tools, and can be used in both white and dark magic. For the sake of this post I’m only going to talk about white magic and using candles for protection.

The most important part of candle magic is knowing what color represents which property. For spiritual protection white, green, red, and black candles are recommended.

White candles are used to keep positive energy around you. White is the color of purity so you know that energy that comes with it is pure and innocent.

Green candles are used for grounding. Green is the representative of the element of Earth. If you’re being attacked in the astral realm, or you’re uncontrollably astrally projecting lighting a green candle will help you to stay grounded.

Red candles are used for protection. Red is the color of the element of fire. Fire is used like a shield to keep energy from being able to reach you.

Black candles are used for riding a space of negative energy. I know a lot of lightworkers who do not like to use black candles because of their association with dark magic. But, in this instance black candles are very useful. They absorb the negative energy in a space.

When using candles for protection be sure to cleanse, consecrate, and charge your candles with your intentions.

Crystal Magic

Crystals are great magical tools that can be used for cleansing, grounding, and protecting. The most important thing to note is that not all crystals agree with everyone’s energy. Some crystal’s energy is too strong for a person’s aura, others aren’t strong enough because the person has very strong energy.

If you are well versed in crystal magic it is recommended that you pick your crystals in person. Holding crystals in your hand will give you an idea of how your energy interacts with the crystal.

Crystals can be used alone or in conjunction with candles and oils, or in spiritual baths to enhance the strength of herbs and oils.

Crystals for Protection

  • Amethyst– a stone of protection and can be worn to prevent psychic attacks and to protect the wearer from all types of harm.
  • Obsidian– one of the strongest protection stones and can shield from psychic attack. It is also said to be a shield from emotional and physical attack. It will seek to purify negative energy in its vicinity, also within the aura.
  • Black Onyx-blocks negative energies from getting in.
  • Selenite-used to dispel negativity, making it a good stone for protection. This energy combined with its angel associations makes it outstanding for angelic protection.
  • Pyrite-a very protective stone, shielding a person from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears.
  • Peridot–  a shield against others who drains your energy. Great to wear around any known energy vampires who leave you significantly drained after interacting with them.
  • Fire Agate-offers a strong shield of protection and is excellent for dispelling fear. This stone that transmutes energy.
  • Yellow Jasper-a protective stone that guards against negativity.
  • Lapiz Lazuli– guards against negative psychic energy.

Crystals for Cleansing

  • Bloodstone purifies a person and their surroundings. Helps to banish negativity. An excellent grounding and protecting stone, helping to keep out undesirable influences.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz-a protective stone that also enhances a person’s aura significantly.
  • Black Tourmaline-one of the most powerful protectors against negative energy from others in both the Earth and Astral plane. It is a good crystal to keep next to your bed at night. It reflects negative energy back to the sender.
  • Garnet cleans and energizes all the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. This stone fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct.
  • Jade-integrates the mind with the body. It provides purity and serenity and increases love and nurturing, while protecting.

Crystals for Grounding

  • Carnelian-grounds and anchors a person in the present reality, while stabilizing them.
  • Ruby-releases blocked energy, cleans and clears blocked chakras and offer protection against psychic attack and vampirism.
  • Smokey Quartz-protects a person from negativity and transmute the energy by grounding it back down into the earth.
  • Hematite-invokes emotional grounding and balances opposing energies, as it strengthens a person’s connection with the Earth. It dissolves negativity and has powerful balancing qualities as it harmonizes mind, body and spirit.
  • Citrine-dissipates negative energies and promotes inner calm. It cleanses the aura and aligns the spiritual body with the physical, making citrine wonderful crystals for grounding

Be sure to cleanse and charge your new crystals before using then. Also, crystals will lose their power as they absorb and release energy, so it is helpful to cleanse and charge them regularly. I recommend every full moon.

Sugars and salts also fall under the category of crystals. Epsom salt, sea salt, and pink Himalayan salt can be used in baths to help with cleansing. Also, using regular table salt can be used as a form of protection. Lining doorways and windows with salt can keep negative entities away. Also if you sleep with water at your bedside placing it in a ring of salt will keep entities from using the water as a portal into your space.

Herbs and Oil Magic

As a kitchen witch this might be my favorite type of magic. I love mixing herb to create oils and potions, adding herbs to everyday food dishes, and using herbs to make teas, baths, and steams. Herbs that have magical properties, like crystals, that can be used to cleanse, protect, and ground.

Also, essential oils of of an herb have the same properties as the herbs themselves. This is why I have included oils in this section. Please note that essential oils are super concentrated and should be used very sparingly. 20-30 drops total in a bath is plenty enough. Five drops can be used to enhance candle magic. DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN WITHOUT A CARRIER OIL!

Herbs for Protection

  • Rosemary-is useful in warding off psychic attacks that just keep coming and coming.

  • Linden (may be called Lime Tree)-Tree spirits also tend to create fortresses around your aura, a shield of bark to protect the valuable inner contents. Linden is in this class of guardians and offers protection from the root chakra all the way to the crown.

  • Calendula protect from more incoming attacks. It helps the body to recognize the energetic signature of the attacker and prepare for any future attacks.

  • Chamomile-turns you into ghost mode. Attacks flow right through and past you.

  • Rose preps the heart to protecting itself. Rose tangles a thicket of thorny vines around the heart like the thorns on its stem.This allows the heart to emit carefree and loving energy without fear.

  • Dragon’s Blood– is useful in protection, energy, and purification. It can be used to enhance a protection spell.

Herbs for Cleansing

  • Sage–  used to remove all outside energy. It can be used a a smudge to remove unwanted energy from a person or an object. It can also be ingested as a tea to cleanse a person’s spirit.
  • Lemongrassan essential ingredient for cleansing herb blends and bath mixes as well as communication blends.
  • Cedaracts as a purifier, cleansing the area in which it is burned.
  • Lavender– clears away negative and stagnant energy.
  • Peppermint– aids salts in baths in removing unwanted energy.
  • Burdock– removes and blocks negative energy and thoughts.
  • Frankincense-removes negative energy from a space. Can also be used in spiritual baths to cleanse the aura of negative energy.
  • Myrrh- used for purification, protection, and healing.

Herbs for Grounding

  • Palo Santo– clears the mind and is used to keep energies grounded and clear.
  • Clove– used to raise spiritual vibrations, purify an area, protect, and  banish hostile/negative entities.
  • Dandelion-the root is used in sleep protection, and calling on spiritual assistance. While the leaf is used for healing, purification, and protection.
  • Hibiscus– promotes peace and tranquility as well as raises spiritual vibrations.

These herbs can be used alone or in combination with each other. I would not recommend using more than 5 herbs at a time or more than 2 herbs from a single category as they will start to cancel each other’s energy out. Herbs can be used to make teas, steams, or in spiritual baths. They can also be used to make oils that can be used in conjunction with candles and crystals.

While this post is not comprehensive, I hope that I have provided you with some helpful information if you have found yourself under spiritual attack.

Love and Light,


March Tarotscopes By Nisha

The most important thing for you this month will be to have people around you who truly support the REAL YOU. But first you have to reveal it to them. You’re a go-getter and you’re constantly changing. We all are. So don’t hide that, from yourself or others. It feels like you’ve been suppressing your true desires for fear of how others or another will react. But in essence, those who care about you only want you to be happy, so there’s nothing to fear. Be yourself. And if that just so happens to be a person who wants to EXPLORE their options, then so be it.

Everyone is depending on you! No pressure, right? lol But you really are a role model and support system for so many. And this month it is going to be a responsibility of yours to be a guiding light for others. So, be sure to have your fail-safes in order, all the go-to’s you have that you utilize to re-fuel your powerhouse. And there’s no need to be stressed or nervous about your role, because it’s who you already are. It feels like this month you recognize your influence though and arm yourself in advance to be at maximum strength and service.

The answers you are looking for can be found in the past. And it feels like a pairing of your personal experiences along with historical or worldly events that have occurred as well. Top that off with additional assistance from your Guides and Ancestors and you will be equipped to take on any conundrum this month. You do not have to tackle things alone. You have ample aids to assist you, so work with them. Do not fear the emotional drain that can come with reminiscing. With the help of your Spirit Team, it feels like you will surely bypass it.

Hallelujah, right? You’ve been waiting for this month and what a relief it will be for you. I have to say, of course, there will be some residual feelings of doubt or regret lingering. But that’s natural and to be expected. Where your focus SHOULD be though is on the bright future that awaits you. Be proud of yourself! It takes so much courage to remove yourself from persons, places, and things that no longer serve you. So you’re truly ahead of the mold. Keep moving forward. You’re doing so well. And you’ll start to feel that long awaited breath of fresh air.

It can be uncomfortable when we’re going through personal transformations. Especially when we evolve into people who no longer vibrate on the same frequency of long time loves. But it’s necessary. For growth its necessary. This month is going to be you reestablishing a new tribe. You’re going to be redefining what it means to feel safe, secure, wanted, protected, valued… You’re going to rediscover what it means to BELONG.  And you will find it. You will. It will feel like you’ve found a new HOME.

Go for it! You’re so ready. Now you just need to do it! This month is really the beginning of a new era for you, where something happens that marks a milestone by which you frame past and future references. We don’t get many of these in our lifetime so how cool and exciting. This is your upgrade month. This is the month where you see and feel and know that you have leveled up. All you have to do is take that first step. And you’ll know what step that is when the time presents itself. Everything you need to succeed, you already have.

Talk about SIGNS, SYMBOLS & SYNCHRONICITIES! This month is all about that for you. It feels like things that I wouldn’t be able to describe. Like those “you had to be there” moments that are unbelievable and that would make anyone, including yourself, a true believer. What’s more amazing is that this is all happening as a result of your prayers and requests for guidance and your invitation to your Spirit Guides welcoming them into your lives. You’re going to feel so *special* and seen and heard this month.

This month feels like it’s all about PRIORITIES. It’s time to become clear about what it is that you want. So, yes, that will mean weighing your options and determining what’s more important to you, and what’s necessary.. And yes, that means that some things will stay and some things will go. But there’s no reason you have to think about these determinations with such finality because that will trip you up. Within the scope or mindframe of “now”, make your decisions. Because, remember, now really is all there is my love.

It may be time for you to slow down a little bit this month. And not because you’re doing too much. But in order to have more fun! You’re ruled by Jupiter and it’s in your blood to be full of that joyful energy. And in order for it to return you’re going to start to see this month that you need to get out there. This feels like perhaps taking a road trip or joining a larger group that also wants to do big things more up to your speed. Don’t deny yourself. It’s time to enjoy yourself! Do what makes you feel FREE and light as a feather.

So, there’s going to be this “all is lost” feeling this month. BUT THEN, as if by magick and the grace of God, all is saved and returned! This totally feels like a “Praise God, Thank God” moment. And that’s what’s going to define this month for you. That’s what you’re going to remember. So, hold tight.. Be strong.. You can do it.. All those encouraging phrases! It’s like that song “this is what you came for”. This is what you’ve asked for. And this month you’ll get a glimpse of all the glorious POSSIBILITIES.

What is it that you like to do? There seems to be this theme with a few of the signs this month that are calling attention to the more lighthearted part of living. Because things do actually happen in you favor. Miracles do exist and things do come through in the clutch. And just for you! This life isn’t about all work and no play. You aren’t only meant to ascend by way of strenuous labor. You can reach enlightenment by way of pure joy and pleasure as well. So, again, what is it that you like to do? What do you do just for yourself? How do you play? When do you forget the time? Where do you relax completely? This month you’ll begin to create that list for yourself for future reference.

It’s time for that word that many of you dislike: RESPONSIBILITY. I know, I know. But it’s ok. This month it’s necessary for you to buckle down and it really feels like it will be in terms of your finances–where you will be cutting expenses and only keeping the bare necessities. Think of this as temporary, but it really will begin to shape how you look at your money, your being wise about spending habits, and your being conscious about who it is you give your money to. You’re going to be investing in things that will last and choosing quality over quantity. So, nothing lavish or outlandish this month. (Unless your children’s children will be able to benefit from it.)

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Nisha’s February Tarotscopes

These are general readings for each Zodiac for the month of February using the Romance Angels Oracle deck. Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for a more complete ‘scope.


Things may have felt a little stale before, but this month you are seeing others experience a rejuvenation in their life which inspires you to add some of those witnessed qualities to your own life. So, this month is about branching out and finding (or rather letting it find you) what lights your fire. What are you interested in? What do you like to do for fun? This isn’t the month to sit at home. Don’t be afraid to do what others perceive as a “couple” thing, alone.


This month it feels like you are reinventing yourself. So it may be necessary for you to reintroduce yourself to those already in your life where you are updating them on who you now know the present you to be. It may also feel like some things are falling away because of this change, but really it is aligning you for the people, places, and things that match this new vibration of yours. Everything is right. Keep looking and moving forward.


There are some doubts this month where you are needing to express your feelings–outwardly, to yourself, and perhaps even in heart-to-heart conversations with others or another. You are wanting reassurance that your desires are valid. Don’t hesitate or hold back voicing yourself. It is important that you be heard so that the energy can flow and not be suppressed for a later eruption.


Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Get clear about what your wants and needs are so that you can communicate them. You can’t expect others to automatically know what they are or aren’t doing, that you don’t like, if you don’t tell them. And don’t forget to be a little understanding, accommodating and empathetic. You too could be demonstrating behavior that needs some shifting as well.


You are entering a new arena this month that feels very exciting for you. Expect to meet many new people and to open up or share yourself with them too. It will be through these interactions that you will be able to become more familiar with yourself. You are wonderful at letting others be a mirror for you, so February is going to feel like you’re right at home. (An important date on the calendar will be marked this month!)


You are finally allowing yourself to live that big picture life you’ve been imagining for so long. So, this month you are starting to do things for YOU. Others’ requests aren’t taking priority like they usually do. You’re doing what feels good and right to you, first. You’re prioritizing–making YOUR happiness the major priority, and it’s working out for you and everybody else in return. You’re seeing how only when you’re good can you then be good for others.


(This feels like actual wedding plans for some of you.) This month, you’ve found your complete match with something or someone–where you’re able to be yourself, you’re able to voice your desires, you’re able to listen and reciprocate others’ desires, you have freedom and independence…it feels really good. Further continue down this path you’ve already started upon and enjoy yourself! Lots of rewards in store for you this month.


So you have some expectations this month about how it is you see things going or would like them to go. This feels like meddling in the life of another about what you feel they should or shouldn’t be doing. Let them know that you are there for them, continue to love them and offer your support and remember that it is ultimately up to them. Rather than stress about what more you or they could be doing, pray for divine assistance and leave it in the hands of your Spirit Team and the Most High.


Of course, two cards popped out for you. This month you have to choose what it is you would like to pursue: work or romantic love. If you play your cards right, you may just need to balance the two without having to completely give up one or the other. But you like to go all in, so keep in mind, if need be and one has to go, which one means more to you in the grand scheme of things. Which one needs your attention most right now at this point in your journey?


It may be necessary to take a step back from your commitments for the purpose of getting clear about where other people’s motives lie. There are some truth’s you need to uncover so that you can make better decisions about what direction you should be head in. Something about this feels like a shock but don’t let it harden you. Remember that you are strong and anything that happens now is only preparing you for a better tomorrow.


A Remedy to Stress & Anxiety for Each Zodiac Sign

Written By Nisha

Out of 21 votes, more than 75% of you on Twitter said that you’ve developed some form of anxiety or panic attacks within the past few years. And more than 20% of you said that you knew someone who had.  I’ve put together this little compilation to act as a quick reference for when you’re in a funk or on the edge.  Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. And let me know if it resonates!

Aries: The best thing for you to do is a PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!  You naturally have a lot of fire and it’s easy for your energy to get pinned up if it isn’t exerted.  And rather than internalize it or take it out on others, take it out on the punching bag or the track or treadmill or yoga mat or the football or volleyball or hey, even sex, for the purposes of transmutation.  Whatever gets your heart beat up, do that!  Working up a sweat is especially good for you and your release.

Taurus: Your best friend is the WATER.  This is the perfect way for you to wind down without any effort necessary.  Because you’re an earth sign, water naturally puts you at ease–it’s your equal opposite.  So, drink water, go swimming, soak your feet in water, go get a pedicure, take a shower, run the water over your head, take a bath in the tub, go to the mattress department and lay on a water bed, buy a water bed lol.  This is your number one go-to for relaxation.

Gemini: This feels two-fold for you.  Lol butof course it does Mr & Miss Twins!!  Your zen seems to come from RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS.  And this will be in both giving and receiving and balancing the two.  The best example of this would be the group Reiki circles–where you’re able to solely achieve peace and heightened clarity and calm, while still being able to be apart of the group; Because the feeling is that you want to be connected and apart of something larger while still being able to be left unto yourself.  Group meditations or participating in collective spirituality functions would help you find your center and put you back at ease.

Cancer: You’re a homebody at heart so when you find yourself wound up or on edge your best bet would be ORDINARINESS. It feels like going to the very basics, so, a hot meal, a warm blanket, a soft pillow, a cool breeze.  In this way it doesn’t take much to make you feel better.  Something as effortless as walking or looking at the sky.  Sitting also feels very helpful.  The next time you’re feeling anxious, just have a seat. You’ll feel like yourself in no time. Turn off the tv, and the phone and the computer, open a window and keep it simple.

Leo: You’re another active one, like your Aries ally!  And what will help burn some of that innate energy is PARTNERSHIP.  And this feels something like Marco Polo or tag or playing some type of game where you get to engage with someone else and play off of their energy.  This does feel very one-on-one, so, perhaps with a closest friend or sparing partner who you know also likes contact sports or can relate with your experiences.

Virgo: So, your stress usually comes from feeling like things are disarray or out of order.  Naturally, you relax when you have CONTROL.  And that will mean doing those things that you absolutely know you’re an expert at.  Feeling that assured confidence without competition or having to prove yourself…automatic smile on your face!  What are you the best at?  Go do that.

Libra: Oh my yes.  This is your outlet…TRAVEL!  Going outside of your everyday norm automatically makes you feel so good.  You like change.  You like new.  And a lot of the time your frustration comes from when things have stayed the same for too long.  So, get going.  Plan a day trip.  Use different modes of transportation– bus, Ubër, train, walking… Do something different.  Change up your scenery and you’re good to go.

Scorpio: You are very much like your Taurean friends.  A lot of your stress comes from self-imposed stagnation.  You tend to think things are harder than they are or have to be.  WATER is your answer.  You must remember to go with the flow.  Flexibility is very key for you.  Being a water sign, you would think you would know this much better than your earthy peeps, but you can be quite stubborn.  It would be wise for you to have a go-to person in your life that models this easygoing behavior.  In stressful times look to this person.  How would they react?  What would they tell you to do?

Sagittarius: Believe it or not, GARDENING would be a beneficial hobby for you to take up.  You’re a natural visionary.  So, sometimes, your anxiety comes when you aren’t able to see the bigger picture or when you feel restricted in pursuing your goals.  Having a garden, however small, would help you to always see the progress you’re making.  You would readily be able to see something growing and something that you directly had a hand in creating and make manifest.  Instant gratification and reward!

Capricorn: You’re very funny.  You aren’t the most friendly of the bunch or social because you’re usually busy eyes deep in work.  And when you are mingling  it’s brief or for the purpose of furthering your personal pursuits. So, of course, your stress relieve would be in FRIENDLINESS.   Try smiling at a stranger.  (Not a potential predator just a stranger, choose wisely lol.)  Ask someone their name and strike up a conversation.  Do something nice for someone for no reason.  Your anxiety can come from staying in your bubble too long.  In a tense moment it would really help for you to break away from your agenda and engage the people you share the world with.  Look up icebreakers.  Start there.

Aquarius: You are similar to your Capricorn friends.  You need to take a break from sharing your expansive knowledge and learn INTIMACY.   It would really help you to allow yourself to become vulnerable and even get emotional at times.  Who knows your secrets?  Who knows your fears?  Who has ever seen you cry?  Let it out.  Have a meltdown.  Talk.  Confide in someone you trust.  It isn’t necessary to bear it all in silence.  It isn’t weakness to feel.

Pisces: Sometimes you Pisceans can be too emotionally evolved for your own good.  And because of this it can be difficult for others to relate to you when you tell them your problems or thoughts.  So, MEDITATION is your best stress reliever.  Go within.  Everyone has this sacred place inside themselves, but you more so than others have this immense oasis that can be explored to unending heights and depths.  It’s a complete other world in there for you.  A safe escape.  Bon voyage! (Take a Libran with you 🙂