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If you are looking for guidance and clarity, book a reading with us (Monique, Ambrielle, Tiffany, Laura, and our brand new addition, Demetra.)  We offer Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Life Path Readings, Intuitive Counseling, and Spellwork Services. We are here to help you improve your life and be happy and abundant. Book a reading or session with us today.

Monique (Intuitive Reading and Spiritual Counseling

Demetra (Tarot Reading)

Tiffany (Tarot Reading)

 Ambrielle (Psychic Reading)

Laura (Psychic Reading)

Spellwork Services

Thank you for being a conduit for my Spirit Family to get this message to me. The gratitude I felt was so strong. I felt as though I was hearing a message that I’d been craving for so long. When you mentioned Orisha, I couldn’t help but smile. Awhile back, Nisha answered a question for me that brought Yemaya into my life. She is the Great Mother of the Orishas and her energy has been helping me a lot.

Berne Spiritual Counseling Session with Monique 03/24/2017

The experiences I've had with Demetra as my tarot reader have always been on target. Each reading correlated strongly to whatever it was that I was struggling with and they provided me with clarity for the possible actions that I needed to take. Demetra's voice also soothed my own energy, allowing me to come at peace with my situations. Thanks, Demetra!

Karee Tarot Reading with Demetra 10/08/2017

I booked a psychic love read with Ambrielle, and whoa that was an experience! The reading was done via email, but yet Ambrielle was able to pick on so many things, with over 2 pages of detailed information. She was able to examine my current energy state of me and my partner and going forward what would be the effect and impact of this relationship, which honestly was not healthy. She provided me with so much clarity and guidance. I would recommend a love reading to anyone who needs clarity and spiritual guidance in the love department. Thank you again, Ambrielle!

Brunetty I've Got a Crush Reading with Ambrielle 03/30/2017